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World's 50 Best Bars Is Out and Sober Company Is Number 42, So You Know, Drink There

Nov 6, 2020 | 12:00 Fri
If you buy into that sort of award hype, that is. Which I do!

The World's 50 Best Bars did their annual awards shindig last night, seeing Connaught Bar in London take back its position as the World's Best Bar in this, the most cursed, godforsaken year in living memory. Since international travel is a twelve Martini headache, what's available within, say, walking distance?

The three-story, multi-concept Sober Company rose from #45 Best Bar in the World last year to #42 Best Bar in the World. Big props to the well-dressed people behind that. Unfortunately, the only other Shanghai entry on the list, the other, other three-story multi-concept from SG Group, Speak Low, dropped from #35 to #57. Ouch. Still good! Still good.

As ever, Shanghai has its absentee cocktail daddy Shingo Gokan to thank for their rankings on this list, but he's busy at SG Club in Tokyo, which skyrocketed from its debut entry at #24 in 2019 to #10 in 2020. Which is just so great for him, in Tokyo.


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