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The Death Of Laura Ingalls

Pour out a lil' liquor for Shanghai's true house gangster Laura Ingalls after he dies this Saturday night, leaving behind a trail of rock LPs and disco burners.
Aug 28, 2014 | 15:55 Thu

Laura Ingalls, born in 1867, was the writer behind the famous American series Little House On The Prarie. She died in 1957 from heart complications and diabetes. After death, she was reincarnated as an outspoken French man, who traveled by boat to Shanghai after studying audio engineering in the old country. You may also know him as Raph, from the notorious Acid Pony Club DJ/producer crew that also features Clement Pony and El'se.

[A young Laura Ingalls in the old country, full of dreams and ambition]

For years, Laura/Raph lived between two opposing worlds – DJing house and disco at glitzy Bund clubs like Bar Rouge, Cirque Le Soir, and Glamour Bar, and playing live sets of brutal noise music, industrial techno, and drone metal at underground places like Yuyintang and The Shelter. Most DJs can't handle this coexistence. Some wires in their brain get crossed and they end up dropping a "twerk" remix of "Tequila" at an underground party and it's all over, man.

[Laura in the new world, ready to dive headfirst into a new cultural experience]

Laura/Raph is set to die again, after one last DJ gig this Saturday at The Shelter. In her new life, she will work as a sound engineer for corporate gigs. What will happen to her crew, Le Acid Pony Club? No one quite knows. What is certain is that Laura/Raph will no longer take DJ gigs at any posh clubs around town. She may show up for a live set here and there, and will occasionally produce music for rock bands in China. She may produce the next album by Beijing band The Subs. Time will tell.

[A taste of the nightlife. A taste of sin.]

This goodbye article was originally supposed to feature Raph spewing all over Shanghai nightlife, from the promoters and clubs that dicked him over to the punters and their requests for "something different." Then That's Shanghai ran an article called "5 Things: What Hate-Filled Laura Ingalls Won't Miss About Deejaying"

Well, WE PLAY SECOND TO NO MAN, goddamnit.

[Is that shit even plugged in?]

And besides – better to leave a legacy rather than a string of complaints. So instead of the originally planned "#hatefest2014", let's celebrate the fact that along with fellow villain Clement Pony, Laura/Raph spent months of his life in a dank, often flooded Shanghai basement helping a gang of local bands produce and release their LPs and EPs over the last few years.

[Laura producing for Satan-worshiping rock and roll bands – photo by Rachel Gouk]

I asked Raph to share his top five favorite rock songs that he and fellow pony Clem produced for bands in Shanghai. Here are they:

1. The Other – "The Banal Abyss"

2. Death To Giants – "Jared Leto"

[In his darkest days, Laura had only one true friend – his dog Justice]

3. Pairs - "Permanent Residence"

4. Death To Giants - "Snakes"

[And they will chant for the hologram ghost of Laura Ingalls]

5. Friend Or Foe - "Attica"

Laura/Raph was also kind enough to record a one-take all vinyl mix just for SmartShanghai. It's called A Diet Soda And A Bunch Of Wax. Real fine home listening right here. Prince shows up. This is how he describes it:

"Mix i recorded to go with an interview i gave about not being a wanker DJ anymore and getting a real job doing real sound stuff for a real company. Going through changes..."

Laura Ingalls - A Diet Soda And A Bunch Of Wax (Mix for by Laura Ingalls - The Horses on Mixcloud

So yeah, throw that on and clean your house or something. Then maybe head down to The Shelter for one last romp with Laura Ingalls, then pour out a lil' liquor for Shanghai's true motherfuckin' house gangster. More info on the show right here.