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World of Beer Is the Latest F&B Victim of COVID

Dec 15, 2020 | 12:00 Tue
World of Beer, the big sports bar slash tap room on Fumin Lu (and then on Shiji Dadao), closed up shop sometime last month. We passed by the other day and saw the padlock. An ex-employee confirmed both locations were closed for good, marking the end of that particular chain. Reason? COVID. Rough break.

It was an a-okay brew bar. It was dueling banjos with Dr. Beer for a little while, but as soon as that shut, it was the Fumin Lu destination of choice for a big beer, some pub grub and some sports on the TV. What else can be said, eulogistically speaking?

It charged .114rmb per milliliter of Asahi, according to the Beer Index. And that's not bad.


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