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[How To:] Check Travel Restrictions for Going In and Out of Shanghai

Hmm... other cities have bars that are open, right?
2022-06-21 18:00:00

The rest of China is slowing becoming friends with Shanghai again, relaxing travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines on domestic tourists and business travelers from this city. Provided you are not coming from a medium or high risk area in Shanghai -- and you probably wouldn't be getting past your closed compound gate anyways -- it seems manditory quarantines are dropping for destinations all over the country.

Leaving and Entering Shanghai:

To leave Shanghai, you generally need a negative PCR test within 48hours and RAT test within 24 hours - Or - a negative PCR test within 24 hours.

To return to Shanghai, you need a 48h PCR test. If you come from a mid- or high-risk area you need to do 14 days of central quarantine.

Major Cities:

To Beijing: You are required to register and report your test results in yet another MiniProgram. Search for: 京心相助

To Sanya: Hainan has it's own classification system (just like you'd expect from an island that relies on tourism that they make it extra complex to travel there). Generally speaking, if you come from a low risk area, Sanya asks for 3 days home quarantine.

To Zhejiang (Moganshan, Hangzhou..): Quarantine only required for those coming from mid- and high-risk areas.

To Jiangsu (Suzhou..): You are required to sign up on this MiniProgram: 来(返)苏州人员信息登记平台

Looking Up Travel Restrictions:

If you want to search out the travel and quarantine regulations for a specific destination in China, you can find the results through "国务院客户端" on Alipay and WeChat:

Copy / paste this into the search bar -- "国务院客户端" -- and then select the first mini program that comes up.

1. Click on the triangle looking icon to look up the risk levels of both your departure city and destination city.

2. When you click the icon, it'll automatically show your current location's risk level. You'll still need to continue on to look up your destination's risk level.

3. Then, we need to go back to the home page, and select "各地防控政策" to search for the latest policy.

4. This will allow you to select the departures and destinations.

5. Then you can start reading or copy pasting into a translator.

Also, on apps like Ctrip and Qnar, when you are booking flight tickets, it also shows you the latest travel restrictions:

1. Put in your travel information. Then search for flights.

2. The first time you do a search, the restrictions information will pop up automatically, or you can check it on the flights page. They are usually stick the restrictions to the top of the screen.

That's it!

If you're staying at a hotel, make sure you contact them ahead of time to make sure they can accomodate non-Chinese nationals. Some can. Some can't.