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Hey! Some People Have Had Their Lockdowns Lifted (!)

A few lucky buildings around town enter the “three area system” at the good end
2022-04-10 12:00:00

Finally, some good news — for a few chosen buildings and complexes out there in lockdown land, at least, and some very much needed hope for the rest of us, to be sure. It appears that after yesterday's latest city-wide tests, a few people have achieved coveted "Precautionary Area" status and are able to leave not just their apartments, but their buildings as well, venturing out into the unknown — like friggin' Ernest Shackletons! — into their unexplored and untamed neighborhoods at large.

With test results coming in and no official word from the city government, we're relying on anecdotal evidence here. Evidence, which we are paying forward herein.


SmSh: Hey! Word on the street is you guys are free?

Explorer C: Yeah, the property manager told us so. Our building never had one positive case. Although nobody is going out though. There's nowhere to go! [Facepalm.]

...And we can only stay in Huangpu District.

SmSh: That's not so bad. At least some walking room. How did they tell you? Come to your door or something?

Explorer C: Our building has a group chat.

SmSh: Ah nice. Well, at least you can go outside. Congrats man!

Explorer C: Thank you. [Smiley face.]

You remember we live in just one building. Total 60-ish families here... So, it's easier.

SmSh: Did they say what would happen if you leave Huangpu? I heard that if you go too far out of bounds they might change your HealthCode to yellow.

Explorer C: No, they didn't say anything.

SmSh: Hmmm.

Explorer C: How are you doing?

SmSh: So so. Surviving. Worked out a little something-something with my bao'an to keep a constant flow of booze coming into my apartment. Pretty happy about it.

Explorer C: After this lockdown, I'm gonna grow vegetables at home.

SmSh: Really! That sounds like a great idea. I might get on that, too. Like a garden on your balcony?

Explorer C: Just a little one to not take up too much room. Not sure to plant in water or soil, though. Soil is a bit dirty and takes a lot of effort. But I'm not sure about the water quality...

SmSh: I have some friends back home who know a thing or two about hydroponics...

[The rest of the conversation concerns the finer points of home gardening.]


There you have it, friends. Freedom is achievable! Based on the anecdotal evidence provided above... don't give up!