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Today in Covid: Dining in Restaurants to Return June 29

Shanghai restaurants are coming back…
2022-06-26 19:00:00

Announced today via the Shanghai municipal government's WeChat platform, restaurants are allowed to accommodate dine in customers from June 29, provided there have been no positive Covid-19 cases in their area in the past week. It was announced that the individual city districts are to assess their own risk areas and implement openings accordingly.

There are a few caveats, of course, and some are more than a little vague: restaurants have to pass a safety inspection; they have to expand table spacing and "control" the number of people inside; they have to manage disinfecting tables, chairs, and tableware — everything — daily; they've got to have codes and "digital sentinels" at the entrances to ensure only people with a 72-hour code are allowed in; and they've got to be connected to the big data platform that monitors and assesses all that info.

So yeah. We'll have to wait and see how specifically social control and distancing measures will be enforced in specific venues, but yeah. Restaurants can have people in them from June 29.

What about bars? Nightclubs? Performance venues?

Didn't say.

All the same, July is looking better and better...