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WeChat Pay Is EFF'ED. Here's How You Fix It.

The cornerstone to all our existences went on the fritz last night.
2021-11-16 12:00:00


Update: It seems WeChat has fixed the issues, and the process described below is no longer neccessary. If you are still unable to use WeChat pay, go to the Payment Managment page (the 3 dots on top of the Pay page, and click on "Real Name Verification".


The cornerstone to all our existences went on the fritz last night. Chances are you've already seen a message that looks like this on your WeChat if you've attempted to use it to pay for something. 



SmSh reached out to the WeChat support.  They explain:

Recent upgrading of banking regulations by the government has led to some trouble with the new version of WeChat.

So, here's what you have to do to fix this problem if you are experiencing it.

Long story short, you have to cancel WeChat Pay and set it up all over again.  If this doesn't solve the problem, please contact WeChat support at 95017, choose 0 from the menu, then 9 for English.  They should be answering daily 8am to 6pm.

So, here are the steps.  This assumes that your WeChat pay was working fine until yesterday and that you currently have a bank card linked to your WeChat account.

Please note that all your payment history will be deleted.

1) Withdraw all your money from WeChat in Balance > Withdraw

2) Go to Payment Managment (the 3 dots on the top of the Pay page), and cancel all Auto-Deducation Services.

3) Delete all linked bank cards.

4) Go to "Payment Managment" again and cancel WeChat Pay.

5) Set up WeChat Pay again by adding a new bank Card

And that's it.

There's screenshots going around WeChat groups from another conversation with the WeChat support team that also suggests the following. 

Once WeChat confirmation is received, ask three friends from existing contacts to send you small payment, receive payment to WeChat money.
Return payments to the same friends.

They’re asking you to do this because you shouldn’t be sending/receiving money from/to strangers with a newly created WeChat pay account to risk not getting blocked by their fraud detection.

If you are having trouble adding a bank card, here is what that usually boils down to:

  • The name on your bank card must match exactly the name on registered on WeChat. If you used a middle name on your bank card but not on WeChat, you are out of luck. Your best option then is to register a new bank account with the exact same name as on WeChat
  • The phone number and passport number registered with your bank must match the data you enter on WeChat. If you have an older bank account that you registered with your previous passport, and you are using your new passort to register WeChat pay it won't work.



If this doesn't work for you, keep in mind China has other payment options. Like this one, or of course this one.