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Oh Sweet, You Can Call Didi on SmartShanghai's WeChat Mini-Program

Nov 3, 2020 | 16:00 Tue
New features, fresh out of the pack! You might have noticed that we recently added Didi's ride-hailing service into the SmartShanghai Mini-Program. It's pretty straightforward: find a venue in the SmartShanghai Mini-Program, scroll down and hit the Call Didi button.

This will open up Didi's WeChat Mini-Program with your pick-up location and destination already entered. Boom.

The DiDi button works for any venue listing that has a map location in our venue directory. However, since mapping and GPS in China can be a little wonky due to... reasons, your final destination may be sliiightly off. For example, calling a DiDi to Shankang Li will deliver you to the entrance on Kangding Lu (where we have it pinned), whereas Didi's pin for "Shankang Li" is closer to the Shaanxi Bei Lu entrance. We recommend double-checking the destination pin just to be sure.

But hopefully, this will make it easier for you to get around town without having to copy-and-paste every address. You're welcome. Let us know how it works.

To access SmartShanghai's WeChat Mini-Program, scan the QR below with WeChat:


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