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SmartShanghai Editorial Policy

Jan 1, 2015 | 18:47 Thu
At we pride our integrity. It's the basis our of business. It's why we're still in business. We employ editors and designers who live, work, eat, play, drink, and know Shanghai. We employ people who value this city and want to see its culture grow. We employ people with their own opinions.

At, all of our editorial content is conceived of by our team who live in and critique this city, for our readers who do the same.

As a policy, we always clearly label any content that is paid for. All banner ads are clearly marked and our opinions are independently and proudly our own.

There are no deals behind the scenes. There's no money changing hands. Ads and sponsored posts are always clearly marked exactly as that. We don't write about media invites unless explicitly stated. We don't accept gifts. We don't give special treatment to friends. We pay for our meals, and buy products we review. We strive to be impartial. We strive to be honest.

As always, thanks for your feedback. As always, thanks for your own opinions.