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[Offbeat]: High Jinks And High Jumps At This Massive Trampoline Park

Have you ever wanted to fly like Mike? Do mid-air somersaults like Donnie Yen? Do Matrix stuff like... everybody in The Matrix?
2016-09-23 14:22:07
Offbeat: "Offbeat" is a column about stuff to look at or do in Shanghai that's interesting or weird (relatively, of course), that doesn't fit anywhere else.
Have you ever wanted to fly like Mike? Do mid-air somersaults like Donnie Yen? Do Matrix stuff like... everybody in The Matrix? At Jump 360, this gigantic trampoline park in Baoshan, all these glorious dreams are made possible. And more!

Jump 360 - it's a utopia of bounciness located in a 6000-square-meter building at the edge of the city. This is Jump 360's newer location, opened earlier this year. They also have another location in Minhang. But this one's better. Go to this one.

Before they even let you on the trampolines, they make you sign this extensive waiver that basically boils down to: "If you die it's not our fault." Nothing but good things happen next whenever you have to sign one of these forms, right? After that, one of their "coaches" puts you through a short but vigorous stretching session to minimize your chances of injuring yourself.

As much as the guided stretching was appreciated, I pulled my hamstring about two minutes in. So, yeah, actually take some time and stretch properly before diving in.

Coaches keep an eye on you from the sidelines. They're pretty friendly and you can get them to teach you some tricks, but doing a flip isn't something you're likely to pick up easily right away. Go easy.

The park includes a basketball and volleyball court, an obstacle course, a children's area, a water slide that wasn't operation, and trampolines and trampolines and more trampolines.

One thing to note is that trampolines are a pretty serious exercise. You can get a two-hour pass but even after an hour, you'll be feeling the heat. It's a workout.

But yeah, it's also a ton of fun.

Prices and Getting There

Jump 360 is an hour and fifteen minutes away from downtown by metro - it's a bit far - just past Fudan University, in Baoshan district, a 15-minute walk away from Songfa Lu metro station on Line 3. Other trampoline parks are much closer but Jump 360's worth the extra travel time. Get a group of friends together and it's worth the trek.

Prices are 118rmb for one hour or 196rmb for two hours. Socks with rubber grips are 10rmb for a pair. You'll get charged for an additional hour if you pass the 10 minute mark. They also require a 100rmb cash deposit.

Jump 360 (Baoshan) - Area C4, 258 Changjiang Lu, near Jungong Lu
长江路258号城智谷园C4区, 近军工路
The park is open daily from 10am-9pm.
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