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The Shanghai Rolex Masters Is Likely to Happen This Year

Things are looking bright for the biggest tennis tournament of Shanghai.
2021-03-12 12:00:00
Here is a piece of good news about how some things are moving in the right direction. Despite the fact that borders still closed and how all international sports events in Shanghai were canceled last year, positive signs have shown that the Shanghai Rolex Masters will likely happen from Sep 27 to Oct 4. It's not a definitive yes, but SmartShanghai has received word that preparations have begun and admission agencies, such as SmartTicket, are getting ready to sell tickets for the event.

From what has been heard, the 15,000 seated tennis stadium Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center will host the matches with 50% capacity. Tennis has grown in popularity since the tournament first launched in Shanghai 12 years ago, and with the expected reduced capacity, the best games are likely to sell out fast. Watch this space for announcements on when tickets will become available.

Looking at the other annual sports events, the Formula 1 GP will likely not happen this year. The race, which is usually held around April, currently does not appear on the official F1 race schedule, and it’s safe to assume that bringing in 10 race teams with their respected entourages will be impossible. The Longiness Global Champions Tour is still listed on the official schedule with a TBC.


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