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[The List]: Ice Rinks In Shanghai 2024

A rundown of places to go ice skating for the season. Strap on your skates, Gordie!
2024-01-16 14:00:00

It's winter, which means we should do active, wintery-type things. That's...well, ice skating and skiing, pretty much. Here's a selection of what's available in Shanghai for people who like snow and ice.


All Star Skating Club (Mercedes-Benz Arena)

Cost: 90rmb for a 90-minute session (skates included, skating protective gear not included). For two people, the price is 178rmb. First-time visitors can enjoy a special introductory price, which is approximately half off.

Opening Hours: It's complicated. Check our listing.

This is one of Shanghai's finest skating rinks: a well-kept, well-lit patch of ice underneath the Mercedes-Benz Arena. As you would expect, it gets crowded on weekends, but few places combine a convenient location with quality like this one. Perhaps consider reserving a weeknight to check it out.

They also organize figure skating classes. Prices depend on skill level, but you can expect to buy 10-class packs for about 1,500-2,000 RMB. Hockey classes, meanwhile, are 300 RMB for 30 minutes one-on-one, on top of the entry fee, and none of the hockey equipment is provided.

Century Star Skating (Hongqiao)

Cost: 120rmb for 2 hours

Opening Hours: Daily, 10am-7pm

This one is located at the end of Metro Line 10, near Ziteng Lu Metro Station, within the MixC shopping mall. It is quite spacious, with a dedicated area for ice hockey that does not occupy too much space for ice skating. It appears to be a hub for professional training, making it a great choice if you live nearby.

feiyang skating center

Cost: 60rmb Mon-Fri, 80rmb on weekends and holidays (skates and skating protective gear included, ice skating gloves are 5rmb).

Opening Hours: Check the full listing.

There are two ice rinks here, but only the lower one is open to the public. It is a bit on the small side and popular with families with small children. Sometimes, half of it is partitioned off for children's hockey practice, so you might have to do short, leisurely laps. In March, the hockey practice might be relocated to the second floor, so you can expect a larger ice rink for skating.

If you want to skate on the professional rink upstairs, join the Shanghai Hockey Club, or you can rent the whole thing for an hour for 1,000rmb (for a maximum of 10 people). Annual company party on ice! They also offer curling facilities, and it is one of the premier ice rinks in Shanghai. Some major ice events are held there, so it's worth checking out.

New World Snow1 Ice Rink

Cost: 90rmb for 2 hours (skates included, skating protective gear not included)

Opening Hours: Daily, 11am-8:30pm

Small but functional, this rink is tucked into a corner on New World's sixth floor. Despite the columns in the middle of the rink and the comparatively claustrophobic low ceiling, it's fine for a bit of casual skating and is centrally located.

You need to make a reservation on Dianping. Please note that they require bookings to be made at least one day in advance for access. If you're planning to visit with one adult and one child, the combined ticket price is 159rmb, and you need to reserve in advance as well. For those interested in skating lessons, the price is 2799rmb for a package of 10 classes, each lasting 30 minutes. This package includes all the necessary equipment, and students can keep their equipment at the end of the classes.

Rentals are of mixed quality, with the largest size being 47. If that doesn't work, there's a store nearby that sells skates and equipment.

Wujiaochang Champion Rink

Cost: 90rmb for 2 hours (skates included, skating protective gear not included).

Opening Hours: Check the full listing.

This one is part of the same company as the one in New World, so the ticket prices and policies are the same. It's clean and well-maintained, popular with kids and families of mall-goers. Skate sizes go up to 47.

Three Pop-Up Outdoor Ice Rinks

Joy Skating Dream (Changfeng Joy City)

Duration: Until February 29, 2024

Hours: 10am-9:30pm

Price: 499rmb for 10 times pass

Occupying the central area at Changfeng Joy City Mall in Putuo District, this is a partially outdoor ice rink with some décor, making it particularly family-friendly for young skaters just learning. The glass dome above allows a touch of warmth and natural light to come through during the day. Tickets include the rental of basic equipment, including helmets, shoes, and pads. Walkers are also available, and instructors offer skating tips for additional charges.

There is also a smaller indoor rink on the fourth floor, but it is quite tiny. Most people go to the one on the first floor. We visited on a Wednesday afternoon, and it was fairly crowded, especially because it is winter break for kids, so there were plenty of children around. It could be a good choice if you are looking for a place for your kids to go ice skating, but we wouldn't recommend it for adults.

Shanghai International Winter Festival (Sinar Mas Plaza)

Duration: Until February 29, 2024

Hours: 10am-9:15pm

Price: 80rmb for 90 mins on weekdays before 6pm, 100rmb for 90 mins on weekdays after 6pm; 100rmb for 90 mins on weekends before 6pm, 120rmb for 90 mins after 6pm.

The shopping complex Sinar Mas Plaza has again set up an outdoor skating rink on the North Bund, replete with evening light shows and a nice river view. The price includes basic skating equipment. Walkers and instructors are also available on-site for beginners. This year, the ice rink has shrunk in size and seems rather crowded. The ice quality isn't top-notch, but the view remains a highlight.

Moho Mall Ice Rink

Duration: Until March 17, 2024

Hours: 10am-10pm

Price: 80rmb for weekdays, 100rmb for weekends. Includes the skates, helmet and protection.

There is a temporary ice rink in the backyard of the new Moho Mall on Jiangning Lu in the north of Jing'an. It's the same space as where that awkward Medieval Themed Christmas market was last December, a sad backyard space between the mall and another sad-looking construction site. Currently, not many people know about it - where we just about the only visitors on a weekday visit, so you got the rink to yourself, which might be good or bad, depending on how social you like your skating experience. Anyway it probably fills up on weekends.