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The 15th Annual Exhibition of Chinese New Year Customs in Shanghai

Finished Ended on Sun Mar 14, 2021 , All Day
Shanghai Mass Art Center
125 Guyi Lu, near Yishan Lu
Free Entry


The exhibition is divided into three parts: Jinhua nafukang brocade painting (锦画纳福康), Guoyu Minkang · xinchou Zhaoxiang (国裕民康·辛丑兆祥) and endless paper (纸无止境). Through the traditional Chinese New Year pictures, Zodiac theme works and paper artworks display to the visitors the traditional customs of Shanghai Chinese New Year.

Open during Chinese New Year
Special events:
Feb 12 10am: Shanghai Jiangnan Silk and bamboo Chinese Traditional Orchestra / Paper art studio (kids-friendly) / DIY perfume bag
Feb 13 2pm: Family carnival / Chinese Frog DIY / Paper art studio (kids-friendly)
Feb 14 2pm: Guqin performance / Chinese Frog DIY
Feb 15 10am: Shanghai Opera Performance/dough modeling DIY
Feb 16 2pm: Jiuletang Traditional Chinese new year folk music / Rope Art DIY
Feb 17 10am: Paper art studio (kids-friendly)** Movie theatre on the 4/Floor during Feb 11-16 (10am and 2pm)