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Meet Egypt: The Exhibition of the Golden Mummies

Finished Ended on Wed Apr 20, 2022
Meet You Museum
210 Wenshui Lu, near Wanrong Lu


You don't need a time machine to transport yourself to ancient Egypt, you just need to be right here in good 'ol Shanghai! For the first time ever in China, you'll be able to see not one but SIX genuine mummies, all ceremoniously adorned in gold leaf. In addition to the mummies, many other precious artifacts from this time period await you in this remarkable exhibit, including monumental sculptures of gods and goddesses, pottery, fine jewelry, papyrus documents and more. In all, the exhibit features more than 100 pieces of extraordinary relics spanning across 7 themed sections. To really place yourself in ancient Egypt, there's even a section for you to dress up and take pictures. This exhibit runs from Dec 28 to Apr 20, 2022. Read more about it here