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Masterpieces of Self Portraits

Finished Ended on Sun Jan 8, 2023 , 10am-6pm, last entrance 5.30pm
Bund One Art Museum
3/F, 1 Zhongshang Dong Yi Lu, near Yan'an Dong Lu
218 rmb for adults, 168 rmb for students and 65+


The history of the selfie is on display at Bund One, another exhibition that's part of the Italy-China Year of Culture and Tourism 2022. "Masterpieces of Self-Portraiture" focuses on the genre of self-portraiture exclusively by celebrated artists, from the Renaissance to modern times. In cooperation with Uffizi in Italy, the exhibitions displays 50 rare works dating from the 16th to the 21st centuries, and encompasses styles ranging from the renaissance to baroque, neo-classicism, romanticism — five centuries of self-examination from names like Raphael, Titian, Rembrandt, Ingres, Chagall, Yayoi Kusama, and Cai Guoqiang.