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Silent Disco

Finished Ended on Sun Jul 14, 2024 , 7:30pm
118 Beijing Dong Lu, near Huqiu Lu


Silent Disco, a hyperdimensional 6D urban dance show originating from the UK, is poised to debut in Shanghai in June 2024. This electronic music storm that nowadays sweeps urban streets first originated in Europe in the 90s, when young disco enthusiasts devised such "silent" disco parties in order not to disturb wildlife in open forests. This distinct art form is now popular all across the globe, having been featured in a good number of immersive theater productions and awarded as a five-star outdoor show brand at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for six years in a row. Silent Disco has received countless accolades along the way from reputable media including BBC Radio, The Times, The Guardian, and so on. The shows are dedicated to providing the audience with seemingly "silent" yet dynamic and adventurous tours that open up a kaleidoscope of hyper-immersive experiences in the heart of Shanghai.