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Music and Dance Theatre “The Bird Wings Runner”

Daily until Jul 28 , 7:30pm/2.30pm
Shanghai Concert Hall
523 Yan'an Dong Lu, near Jinling Zhong Lu


Music and Dance Theatre “The Bird Wings Runner” produced by Shanghai Concert Hall was first devised in 2021, after a 2-year development process, it premiered in May 2023. It is a piece that provides a brand new immersive experience from the senses to the soul. It's a story about love, growth, and gratitude. Inspired by traditional Chinese mythologies, this work combines dance, physical movements, dramatic elements, and stage installations to bring the audience into a dream of pure beauty.


A little bird grows into a phoenix through the storm, and a youngster, who saved the bird by accident as a kid, grows up through the difficulties in life and comprehends the meaning of life. In the real world, they blaze their trails, in the spiritual world, they accompany and nourish each other.


The composer of The Bird Wings Runner, Sylvan Wang, follows a neoclassical creative method to integrate the original sound (piano trio) and electroacoustic instruments to construct a dream-like space in the theatre. The live music performance intertwines with the dancer's movements, conveying the emotions with minimalist notes.


The stage is designed to be a “bird nest” with feathers surrounding the stage and the auditorium. With the use of new media visual design, the entire stage exhibits a natural scene of Art Nouveau style.

The stage area could be a room, a forest, and even an ocean... Within the limited space, the boundary between mythic and reality, abstraction and figuration, mind and physicality, the seen and unseen was blurred... Digital installation and lighting together generate a universal contemporary visual aesthetic experience.