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Shanghai Concert Hall 凯迪拉克·上海音乐厅

Shanghai Concert Hall 凯迪拉克·上海音乐厅

523 Yan'an Dong Lu,
near Jinling Zhong Lu

Huaihai Lu, Huangpu District


4008 918 182
5 mins walk from  Dashijie
Open for performances

Editor’s Description

Last updated: Dec 9, 2020
The Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall occupies a small (compared to the Grand Theatre on the other side of Renmin Dadao) historical concert building near the Dashijie metro station. First opened in 1930, it was relocated 66 meters to the south-east of its original location in 2003 and completed some further renovation work in 2020. It houses all kinds of music and dance in its spacious, 1,000+ seat hall space.
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