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  • Premium

    Easy Life Laundry

    16/F, Bldg 15, Lane 900 Lanxi Lu,
    near Zhichuan Lu

    兰溪路900弄15号楼16楼, 近芝川路

    186 1684 3107
    • Easy Life Laundry Shanghai
    • Easy Life Laundry Shanghai
    • Easy Life Laundry Shanghai
    Professional dry cleaning and laundry company offering same- or next-day pick-up, delivery and bulk laundry services. Leather goods takes 3-5 working days to clean. Delivery is free for jobs over 300rmb, otherwise it's 38rmb. You can organize...
    Laundry Service
  • Disc Cart Indoor Karting

    Changfeng Park, 809 Zaoyang Lu, near Guangfu Lu

    长风公园, 枣阳路809号, 近光复路

    6222 2880
    Go-karts and a bar. Together. Under one roof. Open until 1am. Drinking and driving is by no means discouraged — in fact, it's sort of part of the appeal. The karts vary in their...
    Disc Cart Indoor Karting Shanghai
    Go Karting
  • White Box

    Rm 1506, 15/F, 1165 Jiangning Lu, near Changshou Lu

    江宁路1165号15楼1506室, 近长寿路

    156 9216 2553
    Russian-style beauty salon in the Jing'an Area. They've got a team of European stylists doing haircuts, coloring, manicures, pedicures, sugar/wax depilation, eyebrow and eyelash...
    Eyebrow Grooming
    Eyelash Extension
  • Global Harbor

    3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Jinshajiang Lu

    中山北路3300号, 近金沙江路

    5108 0888
    Shanghai's biggest mall, Global Harbor is a palatial complex that houses just about everything you could want, including a VR theme park.
    Global Harbor Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
  • Ant & Grasshopper

    Changfeng Joy City, 2/F, 196 Daduhe Lu, near Yunling Dong Lu

    长风大悦城2楼, 大渡河路196号, 近云岭东路

    6124 5877
    French bistro with a pretty sweet playhouse, whose French designer apparently has a PhD in child psychology. Seems like it gets pretty packed, they recommend you book in...
    Ant & Grasshopper Shanghai
    Play Center
  • Sega Joypolis

    3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Jinshajiang Lu

    中山北路3300号月星环球港, 近金沙江路

    6256 9108
    Joypolis is a big, indoor Sega arcade and amusement park. It’s spread out over two entire floors of this mall in Changning, and features a whole bunch of Sega’s most cutting...
    Sega Joypolis Shanghai
    Kids Activities
    Theme Parks
  • Cheersum Bathhouse (Putuo)

    430 Caoyang Lu, near Caoxiong Lu

    曹杨路430号, 近曹雄路

    5258 6660
    Palatial bathhouse with seven floors of pools, hot-tubs, hot-stone rooms, oxygen rooms, pass-out-in-front-of-a-TV-watching-action-movies rooms, a small gym, a game room with a...
  • Legoland Discovery Center

    2/F, Parkside Plaza, 168 Daduhe Lu, near Yunling Dong Lu

    长风景畔广场2楼, 大渡河路168号, 近云岭东路

    2287 2188
    This is China's first Legoland Discovery Center, and the only place in China where you can purchase lego products in bulk. It's a 30,000 square-meter designed for kids age 3-10...
    Legoland Discovery Center Shanghai
    Kid's Activities
    Theme Parks
  • Vinyl Villa

    No. 16, Lane 818 Changshou Lu, near Anyuan Lu


    139 1877 6869
    Vinyl Villa's the oldest record shop still around, opening in 2005. Located on the second floor of an apartment block, its amassed something like 30,000 vinyl records. Wide...
    Vinyl Villa Shanghai
    Record Shop
  • Kate and Kimi

    Online Shopping

    6167 1620
    Started in 2012, Kate & Kimi is a community-based online grocer that deals in safe and healthy food. They're owned by Gusto Fine Foods, a massive specialty western vegetable...
    Imported Groceries
  • Will's Gym

    13 locations in Shanghai:

    Founded in 1996,Will's Gym has more than 115+ direct professional fitness centers nationwide, with more than 500,000 members. Will's Gym not only adheres to the simple concept...
  • The Room

    3/F, 1165 Jiangning Lu, near Changshou Lu

    江宁路1165号3楼, 近长寿路

    185 1602 2741
    A two-story shisha bar-lounge, with imported tobacco from Turkey, Russia and the US. Each floor has projector a projector, and there's a VIP room with its own TV, Xbox and other...
    The Room Shanghai
  • Nash Space 788 (Jinshajiang Lu)

    5/F, 788 Jinshajiang Lu, near Nujiang Lu

    金沙江路788号长风788广场5楼, 怒江路

    400 116 0055
    A Chinese co-working space chain, operating now in three different locations around Shanghai.
    Coworking Spaces
  • Suzhou River Mengqing Garden

    66 Yichang Lu, Near Jiangning Lu

    宜昌路66号, 近江宁路

    6277 8770
    Family-friendly park at the very north end of Jiangning Lu, near the QSW live house. It's not that big, but they let you chill on the grass. The layout is cool, with plenty of...
    Suzhou River Mengqing Garden Shanghai
    Kid's Activities
  • Qi Le Cat Cafe

    1161 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Anyuan Lu

    陕西北路1161号, 近安远路

    3360 3118
    Two floors of cats cats cats! Cats in glass houses, cats on kiddie-castle playsets, cats cats cats! There are almost twenty little friends here, mostly well-groomed fat floofy...
    Qi Le Cat Cafe Shanghai
    Jing'an District