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  • Fu 1039

    1039 Yuyuan Lu, near Jiangsu Lu

    愚园路1039号, 近江苏路

    5237 1878
    Part of the a modern, experimental and forward thinking chain that hasn't lost touch with its roots. Contemporary Chinese cuisine with Western influences.
    Hairy Crabs
  • Bao Luo

    271 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu

    富民路271号, 近长乐路

    5403 7239
    Bao Luo or Paul (it's English nickname you won't see this on the sign) is always packed with locals and expatriates. Value for money here is its biggest selling point, the food...
    Hairy Crabs
  • Shanghai Qingai Health Center

    4/F, No. 4, Lane 340 Yanping Lu, near Changping Lu

    延平路340弄4号楼4楼, 近昌平路

    3772 3071 / Hotline: 400 691 0649
    This is the attached sexual health clinic for the charity organization of the same name. They recommend you make a reservation online at their website, otherwise a visit'll cost...
    Hairy Crabs
    Obstetrics & Gynecology
    Specialized Health Care
    Jing'an District
  • Xinguang Jiu Jia

    512 Tianjin Lu, near Guangxi Bei Lu

    天津路512号 近广西北路

    6322 3978
    Xinguang Jiu Jia specializes in hairy crabs, and, in particular, in multi-course banquets of pre-picked meat, saving the hassle of actually eating a hairy crab. Decor is clean...
    Hairy Crabs
  • Ling Long Ge

    2/F, 951 Hongxu Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu

    虹许路951号2楼 近延安西路

    3207 1177
    This restaurant dedicates itself to the Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab. Those who know this name needs no further introduction about it's crabs. For those who don't know about Hairy...
    Hairy Crabs
  • Wang Bao He (Fuzhou Lu)

    603 Fuzhou Lu, near Zhejiang Zhong Lu

    福州路603号, 近浙江中路

    6322 3673
    This restaurant is an institution to the Hairy Crab. Claiming to be the first hairy crab restaurant since 1744, its a must for those crazy about hairy crabs. Ordering may be...
    Hairy Crabs
  • Dining Room

    Park Hyatt Shanghai, 87/F, 100 Shiji Dadao, near Dongtai Lu

    世纪大道100号上海柏悦酒店87楼, 近东泰路

    6888 1234
    Hard to believe that the Park Hyatt Shanghai didn't had a dedicated Chinese restaurant until 2019. That's this one, in the space on the 87th floor that used to be The Dining...
    Hairy Crabs
    Popular Chinese
  • Shanghai Zao Chen (Bund)

    1 Huangpu Lu, near Daming Lu

    黄浦路1号, 近大名路

    6309 1846
    Also known by its English name "Morning Shanghai," this Shanghainese restaurant in the Historic Astor House hotel specializes in the cuisine of Shanghai and the greater Yangtze...
    Hairy Crabs
  • Xia Wei Guan

    9 Zhenning Lu, near Zhaohua Dong Lu

    镇宁路9号, 近昭化东路

    6212 0617
    Hairy Crabs
  • Wang Bao He (Jiujiang Lu)

    5/F, 555 Jiujiang Lu, near Fujian Lu

    九江路555号5楼, 近福建路

    5396 5000
    Local favourite specialising in hairy crabs, expect it to be busy in Hairy crab season.
    Hairy Crabs
  • Fang Liang Xie Yan

    2/F, 524 Hengshan Lu, near Wuxing Lu


    6433 8570
    An upmarket Hairy crab fare. Hairy crab banquets available.
    Hairy Crabs
  • Hongfangzi

    845 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Maoming Nan Lu

    淮海中路845号, 近茂名南路

    6445 6291
    Hairy Crabs
  • Fomo

    172 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Pu'an Lu


    6385 5152
    Hairy Crabs
  • Zhizhen Huiguan

    Bldg 7, 1726 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Wanping Lu

    淮海西路1726号7号楼, 近宛平路

    6433 2882
    Hairy Crabs