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  • Masala Art (Dagu Lu)

    397 Dagu Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu

    大沽路397号, 近石门一路

    T: 6327 3571

    An Indian restaurant serving not only well-known masala dishes, but also other favorites such as Tandoori Chicken, a must-try for lovers of Indian cuisine and a good place to dine with a group of...

  • Epicure on 45

    Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World, 45/F, 88 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xizang Lu

    南京西路88号, 上海新世界丽笙大酒店45楼, 近西藏路

    T: 6359 9999 ext. 4210/4212

  • Kebabs on the Grille (Central Plaza)

    Central Plaza, Unit 103, 227 Huangpi Bei Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu

    黄陂北路227号103, 近南京西路

    T: 3315 0132

  • The Spice

    800 Changde Lu, near Changping Lu

    常德路800号, 近昌平路

    T: 6217 9151

  • Indian Kitchen (Hongmei Lu)

    Bldg 8, 3911 Hongmei Lu, near Hongqiao Lu

    虹梅路3911号8号楼, 近虹桥路

    T: 6261 0377

  • Bollywood

    326 Hongfeng Lu, near Biyun Lu

    红枫路326号, 近碧云路

    T: 3872 6176

  • Currify (K11 Artmall)

    4/F, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu

    淮海中路300号4楼, 近黄陂南路

    T: 6386 8718

    Very reasonably priced curry house on Wuding Lu opens at K11. The classic Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken Tikka are on the menu to satisfy the meat eater, but they have more vegetarian curries...

  • Masala Desi

    401 Dagu Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu

    大沽路401号 近石门一路

    T: 5375 1275

    Formerly known as Good Times, this restaurant owned by the folks behind Masala Art, has been remodeled and retooled to serve street-style Indian cuisine.

  • Pera

    B1/F, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu

    巨鹿路158号B1楼, 近瑞金一路

    T: 159 2180 3307

    From the people who brought you Pasha's , Pera's a new concept down in Found 158 with a menu of new and classic Turkish dishes, along with seafood and doner kebab. In early 2018 it also added...

  • Khan Chacha (Westgate Mall)

    5/F, Westgate Mall, 1038 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Jiangning Lu

    南京西路1038号梅龙镇广场5楼, 近江宁路

    T: 6218 5018

    A modern Indo-Persian bistro offering Arabic mezze platters and Indian butter chicken and dum biryani. Halal and vegetarian friendly.

  • KLAY

    1124 Beijing Xi Lu, near Shanxi Bei Lu

    北京西路1124, 进 陕西北路

    T: 5278 8175

    A restaurant that is offering a fusion-take on Indian cuisine. The highlight dishes are the LobsterMasala and the Anghaar Paslia Lamb Chops. The menu is pretty light on variety, but the restaurant...

  • Khan Chacha (Parkson Mall)

    8th Floor, Parkson Mall, 918 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu

    淮海中路918号8楼, 近陕西南路

    T: 6880 8885

  • Currify (Bund Finance Center)

    B1/F, 600 Zhongshan Dong Lu, near Fengjing Lu

    中山东二路600号B1楼, 近枫泾路

    T: 6339 1817

    Very reasonably priced curry house opened its 4th location. The classic Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken Tikka are on the menu to satisfy the meat eater, but they have more vegetarian curries...

  • Lotus Land

    2/F, No. 6, Tianzifang, Lane 210 Taikang Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu

    泰康路210弄田子坊泰6号二楼, 近瑞金二路

    T: 5425 0879

    The second location of the Tianzifang staple, Lotus Land has upped their digs and kept the Indian cuisine.ed

  • Kaveen's Kitchen

    2/F, 231 Huashan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu

    华山路231号2楼, 近延安西路

    T: 6248 8292

  • Vedas (Xuhui)

    3/F, 83 Changshu Lu, near Julu Lu

    常熟路83号3楼, 近巨鹿路

    T: 6445 8100

    You'll pay a little more here than the competition, but it's well worth it. Vedas serves some of the better Indian food that Shanghai has to offer. On the menu is a selection of exquisitely...

  • Zest

    B1/F, Mandarin Oriental Pudong, 111 Pudong Nan Lu, near Yincheng Lu

    浦东南路111号B1楼, 近银城路

    T: 2082 9968

    The hotel's All Day Dining restaurant

  • Kebabs on the Grille (Cool Docks)

    The Cool Docks, Bldg 8, 458 Waima Lu, near Maojiayuan Lu

    外马路458号老码头8号楼, 近毛家园路

    T: 6333 5032

    Indian cuisine at The Cool Docks: this 80-seat restaurant's tables are inset with grills to finish their eponymous skewers. The menu is primarily North Indian and the kebabs, obviously, are the draw.

  • Currify (Wuding Lu)

    1101 Wuding Lu, near Yanping Lu


    T: 5256 2563

    Very reasonably priced curry house on Wuding Lu that has gone down well with the locals. The classic Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken Tikka are on the menu to satisfy the meat eater, but they...

  • Hit Wicket (Gongping Lu)

    Shop 3-1, 36 Gongping Lu, near Daming Lu

    公平路36号3-1座, 近大名路

    T: 6590 8828

    Perhaps the only dedicated cricket bar/Indian restaurant in town (that we know of anyway), Hit Wicket streams all the big cricket games and other global sporting events on four LED TVs and one huge...

  • Namaste Kebabs & Curry (Pudong Nan Lu)

    1088 Pudong Nan Lu, near Zhangyang Lu

    浦东南路1088号, 近张扬路

    T: 130 0315 7532

    Restaurant cooking up food from India, Thailand and Turkey, including vegan, vegetarian, halal and gluten free choices. Outdoor seating too.

  • Ganesha

    2/F, 458 Jiangsu Lu, near Xuanhua Lu

    江苏路458号2楼, 近宣化路

    T: 3250 6100

    Ganesha is a simple, 20-seat Indian restaurant perched on the second floor of a mall just opposite the Jiangsu Lu metro station. They get busy at lunch times thanks to their cheap, cheap set menus...

  • Dakshin Indian Cuisine

    1/F, Bldg C8, 718 Lingshi Lu, near Ningsheng Lu

    灵石路718号C8栋1楼, 宁盛路

    T: 183 6268 4809

    A restaurant that serves a mixture of South and Noth Indian cuisine.

  • Bhoomi Store

    104A, No. 18, Lane 128 Songyuan Lu, near Guyang Lu

    宋园路128弄18号104A铺, 近古羊路

    T: 134 7279 7929

    Small Indian import grocery store. Import requests and delivery available by following Bhoomistore on Wechat, where they also regularly update new product inventory on moments. They regularly carry...

  • Indian Kitchen (Zhengmin Lu)

    411-1 Zhengmin Lu, near Guoding Lu

    政民路411-1号, 近国定路

    T: 5538 2808

    Indian Kitchen is a nationwide restaurant chain with locations across Shanghai.

  • Rangoli

    Unit 25, B1/F, Gubei Soho, 188 Hongbaoshi Lu, near Ma'nao Lu

    红宝石路188号古北SOHOB1楼25号, 近玛瑙路

    T: 6433 0699

    Originally a gaudy Indian restaurant in Tianzifang popular with students and families, the new Rangoli is located in Gubei SOHO. Unfortunately they don't do the buffet deal anymore.

  • Kebabs on the Grille (Pudong)

    2/F, No. 225, Lane 199 Fangdian Lu, near Dingxiang Lu

    芳甸路199弄225号大拇指广场2楼, 近丁香路

    T: 5080 0079

    Pudong outlet of the popular chain of Indian kebab joint. Tasty, spicy, and reasonably priced comfort food.

  • Namaste Kebabs & Curry (Meihua Lu)

    1003 Meihua Lu, near Shinan Lu

    梅花路1003号, 近石楠路

    T: 130 0315 7532

    Restaurant cooking up food from India, Thailand and Turkey, including vegan, vegetarian, halal and gluten free choices. Outdoor seating too.

  • Punjabi (Shuicheng Lu)

    Peace Square, 12-20 Shuicheng Lu, near Hongqiao Lu

    水城路12-20号 和平广场N3室 近虹桥路

    T: 6278 8626

    While several other Indian restaurants around town can claim to make better food, Punjabi has cornered the market on price. With several lunch and dinner set options available, Punjabi is a sure...

  • Le Pump (Hongxu Lu)

    486 Hongxu Lu, near Cuiyu Nan Lu

    虹许路486号, 近翠钰南路

    T: 171 7778 3777

    A restaurant that serves a mixture of South and North Indian cuisine.

  • Indian Curry Company

    1/F, Bldg 8, 1078 Hongquan Lu, near Longchuan Bei Lu

    洪拳路1078号08座1楼, 近龙川北路

    T: 3420 1917

  • Bollywood Indian Restaurant

    326 Yunhongfeng Lu, near Mingyue Lu

    运红枫路326号, 近明月路

    T: 3872 6176 , 3872 6178

    Bollywood Indian Restaurant serves authentic Indian cuisine. Theres a banquet hall, as well as a private lounge with a terrace, with a large-screen TV showing Indian music and sports programs.

  • Indian Curry Hut

    1/F, Building 8, 1078 Hongquan Lu, near Hongshen Lu

    虹泉路1078号8幢1层15B室, 近虹莘路

    T: 3420 1917

    Indian Curry Hut makes authentic Indian cuisine.

  • Saffron Grill

    1410 Xiewei Lu, near Huqingping Gong Lu


    T: 5339 1557

    Indian restaurant run by the people behind Bombay Bistro and Barrio. Serving classic Indian dishes to the expat crowd in Xujing

  • Indian Masala Restaurant

    618 Baole Lu, near Jinfeng Lu

    保乐路618号, 近金丰路

    T: 5226 3517

  • Lidoway

    1118 Gaojing Lu, near Huqingping Lu


    T: 3988 7160

    A new community area, located within the Xujing area. Called 'Laowaijie 2.0' by the local residents, this area is composed of restaurants, bars and stores, where people can gather throughout the...

  • Red Pepper

    Unit 159, Bldg 8, 569 Yunle Lu, near Jinfeng Lu

    运乐路569弄丰尚国际广场8号159单元, 近金丰路

    T: 5473 1677

  • Mr Dozaz

    2/F, Bldg 1, 1899 Huqingping Gong Lu, near Jinghua Lu

    沪青平公路1899号2楼, 近京华路

    T: 182 0189 9066

  • Indian Dev Bhoomi Curry House

    246 Fucai Lu, near Yinchun Lu

    富才路246号, 近银春路

    T: 5292 3091

    Colorful little Indian restaurant out in Minhang district, Dev Bhoomi Curry House (DBCH) takes a mix of dishes from the vast range of Indian cuisine.

  • Nikunja Bihari Dash

    2/F, Huaxin Plaza, 华信广场1028 Wenhui Lu, near Longyuan Lu

    松江区文汇路1028号华信广场2楼, 龙源路


    An Indian restaurant.