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Botanical Basket

Botanical Basket Shanghai

Botanical Basket

1101 Wuding Lu,
near Yanping Lu

Jing'an Temple, Jing'an District


Editor’s Description

Last updated: Mar 10, 2020
Little one-bay cocktail bar on Wuding Lu that specializes in botanical flavors, infusions and inspirations. They stock the back wall with a couple dozen house-made variations on vodkas and gins. Cocktails are on par for the area price wise, and a couple notches over in terms of quality. Mostly outdoor seating, but there's space for maybe ten to fifteen people on the bar.
136 7155 0483
10 mins walk from Changping Rd
Wifi: Unknown
Web: Unknown
Open since: Unknown
Mon-Fri, 11.30am-2am
Sat&Sun, 11.30am-4am
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