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Blackstone Apartment
    • ADDRESS:
      1331 Fuxing Zhong Lu,
      near Fenyang Lu
      黑石公寓 复兴中路1331号, 近汾阳路
    • PHONE:
    • WECHAT:
      Xuhui (Old Xuhui Area)
    • METRO:
      10 mins walk from South Shaanxi Rd
    • HOURS:
    • WEB:
    • OPENED:
      Jun 2020
    • Editor's Description
      Named after the missionary who built it, the Blackstone Apartments opened in 1924. At the time, it was prime, Grade-A, grass-fed luxury real estate, possibly the best in China, housing Consuls General, military officers and other high-society hobnobbers. At one point, China's Premier stayed here. It had elevators, a heated pool, foreign butlers, central heating, tennis courts, a ballroom and its own restaurant. In the late 2010s, the Xingfuli development company, redeveloped it as as part of Xuhui's plan to open a bunch of its historical buildings to the public. The historic building on the street and the complex behind it, is now the Blackstone Music Comprehensive Park, which opened to the public in June 2020.
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Housing & Properties
In Blackstone Apartment
  • Nice To Meet You (Fuxing Zhong Lu)

    • Address
      1/F, 1331 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Fenyang Lu
      复兴中路1331号1楼, 近汾阳路
    • Phone
      159 2166 3585

    Stylish, cozy and super relaxing. This is the second bookstore of a chain named Nice To Meet You that is affiliated with Xingfu Li, the real estate development Panyu Lu. The bookstore is located on the ground floor of the 96-year-old Blackstone Apartments. The place... Read more

  • Casa Mia

    • Address
      1/F, Bldg 3, Blackstone Apartments, 1331 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Fenyang Lu
      复兴中路1331号黑石公寓3号楼1楼, 近汾阳路
    • Phone
      139 1896 8832

    Relocated from the original way back on Donghu Hotel, Casa Mia is still the same husband and wife team from Wenzhou by way of Italy, and there’s still no menu: the wife will tell you what’s on the menu that day but mostly it’s pastas (the crab tagliatelle is 98rmb... Read more

  • Blackstone Exchange

    • Address
      1/F, Blackstone Apartments, 1331 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Fenyang Lu
      复兴中路1331号黑石公寓1楼, 近汾阳路
    • Phone
      5466 6260

    The ground-floor front of the main building's west wing has been turned into a swank red speakeasy called Blackstone Exchange, accessed via a side entrance in the next lane, 1333 Fuxing Zhong Lu. It hits every speakeasy buzzword: secret button for the door, dark Art... Read more