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Ayi Matchmakers

Nanny (Ayi) Agencies
  • Ayi Matchmakers

Ayi Matchmakers

Nanny (Ayi) Agencies
  • Chinese Name: 心娄家政
    187 2155 7841
    ID: Ayi Matchmakers
    Open Since Jan 2018
    Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm,
    Sat, 10am-6pm

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Jun 6, 2022
    One of the most established and popular agencies in the foreign community, Ayi Matchmakers is started by a Dutch expat with two former ayis who are now partners. All the ayis in their system have been individually vetted and trained. Ayi Match Maker offers the full range of ayi services, from short term cleaning to full-time ayis who can cook Chinese and western cuisine, and take care of your pets. The service fee is one month of the ayi's salary in the first year and a smaller reduced fee for every renewal.

    Self Introduction

    Founded by an expat mom teaming up with two international local ladies, AYI MATCHMAKERS is an ayi agency with a twist - Focusing on understanding expats’ and other international clients' needs and requirements. We assist with finding domestic helpers, babysitters and yuesao according to your need, be it full time, part time or temporary. And we are with you from requirements, to search, to selection, to employment.

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