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AP Plaza
    • ADDRESS:
      Inside Metro Line 2,
      Shanghai Science & Technology Museum,
      2000 Shiji Da Dao,
      near Yingchun Lu
      地铁2号线上海科技馆站内, 世纪大道2000号, 近迎春路
    • PHONE:
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      Pudong (Century Park Area)
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    • Editor's Description
      AP Plaza is Pudong's biggest "fake market", located underground in Metro Line 2's Science & Technology Museum station. The northern half of AP Plaza, called Xinyang, is a collection of stalls, touts, and greedy salespeople out to rip-off unsuspecting tourists with fake, Fake, FAKE goods of all stripes. As a general rule of thumb, offer 10% of the original asking price, and settle for somewhere between 10% and 30%. Bargain hard, carry cash, and be prepared to walk away from a bunch of stalls before settling on a price.
    Photos by YIQING ZHENG
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