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  • AP Plaza

    Inside Metro Line 2, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, 2000 Shiji Da Dao, near Yingchun Lu

    地铁2号线上海科技馆站内, 世纪大道2000号, 近迎春路

    6854 2269
    Good For: Cheap crap AP Plaza is Pudong's biggest "fake market", located underground in Metro Line 2's Science & Technology Museum station. The northern half of AP Plaza,...
    AP Plaza Shanghai
    Fake Markets
  • Qipu Lu Clothing Market

    168 Qipu Lu, near Henan Bei Lu

    七浦路168号, 近河南北路

    Good For: Cheap cheap Clothes, Korean Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Wigs, Watches, Thieves. In the '90s, this was the biggest clothing market in town. Aunties and sisters...
    Qipu Lu Clothing Market Shanghai
    Fabric Markets
    Fake Markets
  • Xing Guang Photography Equipment Center

    288 Luban Lu, near Xietu Lu

    鲁班路288号, 近斜土路

    6301 8248
    Good For: Photography, Filmography The six-story market is the place in Shanghai for all your photography needs, whether you're a novice or a pro. The first two floors are...
    Xing Guang Photography Equipment Center Shanghai
    Electronics & Appliances
    Photography Equipment
  • International Glasses City

    Railway Station North Plaza 1688 Zhongxing Lu, near Henfeng Bei Lu

    中兴路1688号, 近恒丰北路

    Good For: Glasses, duh. The 3 story market is one of the best places in town to buy glasses - custom made glasses are still one of the few products that's much cheaper in...
    International Glasses City Shanghai
  • Tianshan Tea City

    520 Zhongshan Xi Lu, near Wuyi Lu

    中山西路520号, 近武夷路

    6233 8699
    Good For: Tea Leaves, Tea Sets, Chinese Antiques Do you know about tea? If not, better bring someone who does, lest you get fleeced. The tea market has around 150 stalls...
    Tianshan Tea City Shanghai
  • International Pearl City

    3721 Hongmei Lu, near Yan'an Lu

    虹梅路3721号, 近延安路

    6262 3851
    Good For: Pearls, Shoes, Accessories, Clothes. Hongqiao -- home to Laowai Jie 101, Koreatown, all kinds of imported grocery stores, DVD shops, and lots of posh shopping...
    International Pearl City Shanghai
  • Pacific Plaza (Xuijiahui)

    41 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Hongqiao Lu

    漕溪北路41号, 近虹桥路

    Good For: Picking up Electronics, Laptops, Video Games, Phones, Headphones This place used to the best place to buy electronics. Now there are only a few reasons to go. One...
    Department Stores
    Electronics & Appliances
  • Qiujiang Lu Electronics Market

    500-526 Qiujiang Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu

    虬江路500-526号, 近四川北路

    Good For: Electronics, Home Security, KTV Gear, Bizarre Finds This is the finest, most colorful electronics market in Shanghai. We've got a whole article dedicated to this...
    Electronics & Appliances