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Xibo (Changshu Lu) 锡伯新疆餐厅

  • Xibo (Changshu Lu)
  • Xibo (Changshu Lu)
  • Xibo (Changshu Lu)
  • Xibo (Changshu Lu)

Xibo (Changshu Lu) 锡伯新疆餐厅

3/F, 83 Changshu Lu,
near Julu Lu

Jing'an District


Part of: Xibo
5403 8330
8 mins walk from  Jing'an Temple
ID: xibo_2009
Web: -
Lunch, noon-2.30pm,
Dinner, 6-11.30pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Mar 3, 2020
Smart Xinjiang. Yes, it exists. It's Xibo -- an ethnic minority from the hills of NW Xinjiang, and a restaurant on Changshu Lu. Gone are the dancers and gold leaf, in are the concrete walls, picture windows, smart lighting, funk & disco soundtrack, and the region's cultural artifacts used as design features. The menu, like the province, is a mish-mash of Uighur standards and various minority dishes, the prices are low, and -- god forbid -- the vibe is even date-worthy.

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