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Shanghai Tavern (The Shanghai EDITION)
    • ADDRESS:
      1/F, Heritage Building,
      199 Nanjing Dong Lu,
      near Henan Zhong Lu
      南京东路199号辅楼1楼, 近河南中路
    • PHONE:
      5368 9511
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
      Bund Area
    • METRO:
      5 mins walk from East Nanjing Rd
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 6-10.30am, 11.30am-11pm
    • CARDS:
      Local and International cards accepted
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Shanghai Tavern is the second coming of Berner’s Tavern in London, where Michelin-starred Chef Jason Atherton serves elevated British comfort food. The Shanghai version is good food in a posh setting, with pretty-as-sin cakes to be enjoyed at high tea. Drawing on Elliot Hazzard’s period architecture and coffered ceiling, the design references the hotel's previous incarnation as the Shanghai Power Company Building. Chef Scott Melvin (formerly of Commune Social) is keeping British roots intact with staples like Fish n’ Chips and Mac and Cheese sprinkled into a selective menu. The starters are delicately constructed, the mains are less impressive but still good, and they've got desserts and cakes, including that old standard, Flaming Alaska, an eggy meringue thing that they light on fire, with cherry sorbet on the inside. Tricky, tricky chefs. Looks to draw a fashionable, slightly older crowd and the regal ambience will lend itself nicely to important lunch dates.
    Photos by BRANDON MCGHEE
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