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    • ADDRESS:
      8 Jianguo Zhong Lu,
      near Chongqing Nan Lu
      建国中路8号, 近重庆南路
    • PHONE:
      5468 0118
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      5 mins walk from Dapu Bridge
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 10am-12am
    • CARDS:
    • PRICE:
    • WEB:
      Daily, 4-7pm and 10pm-12pm, buy one get one free, all drinks except bottles of wine
    • Editor's Description
      Kakadu is a modern casual Western restaurant with a small but plush lounge and a menu scattered with "bush spices", game meats like crocodile and kangaroo, and a range of standard steaks, pizzas, and pastas.
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    • Happy Hour

      Aussie restaurant / BBQ Kakadu on Jianguo Lu has a two-tiered happy hour, with all drinks (except bottles) buy-one-get-one from 4-7pm and again from 10pm-12am.
      Nightlife | Kakadu | daily |
    • Kakadu's Big Saturday Barbie

      Australian restaurant Kakadu does an all-you-can-eat barbecue and free-flow Asahi beer and soft drinks every Sunday. The selection of food includes "beef, lamb and pork chorizo sausages, marinated chicken fillets, barramundi, emu and...
      Dining | Kakadu | Saturdays until Apr 16 2016 |


    • 2015-04-01 Finished

      Half Price Ribs

      Nice Monday night ribs deal at this Aussie restaurant. Every Monday from 6-10pm, they do a half rack for 74rmb or a whole rack for 114rmb, served with chips or mashed potatoes and salad or chili-lime butter sweet corn on the cob.
      Dining | Kakadu | Mondays |
    • 2015-11-26 Finished

      Kakadu's American Thanksgiving Weekend

      Here's a good deal for Thanksgiving. Kakadu is offering an all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving buffet with oven roasted turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, roasted pork with apple sauce, baked barramundi, mashed potato and pumpkin, seasonal...
      Dining | Kakadu | daily except Mon, Tue & Wed until Nov 29 2015 |
    • 2015-11-25 Finished

      Kakadu's Thanksgiving Turkeys

      In addition to their in-shop buffet, Aussie spot Kakadu is serving whole roasted turkeys to take home. The bird is 6kg, and comes with stuffing, mashed potato, mashed pumpkin, honeyed baby carrots, peas, cranberry sauce, gravy and...
      Dining | Kakadu | daily until Nov 29 2015 |
    • 2015-10-31 Finished

      Kakadu's Halloween Barbecue

      Kakadu is doing a Halloween edition of their Big Saturday Barbie. They'll have the usual all-you-can-eat Australian barbecue including "beef, lamb and pork chorizo sausages, marinated chicken fillets, barramundi, emu and lamb skewers,...
      Community, Dining | Kakadu | on Sat Oct 31 2015 |
    • 2015-10-22 Finished

      Coopers Beer Dinner

      Aussie restaurant Kakadu on Jianguo Lu does a four-course Aussie steak dinner with a five-beer tasting this Thursday. The dinner includes venison & bacon soup, crocodile spring rolls, a 250g black Angus steak with spinach and potatoes,...
      Dining, Nightlife | Kakadu | on Thu Oct 22 2015 |
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    Joined Dec 26, 2011
    Is Taiwanese
    Posted 2 Reviews
    We were a party of 9 including 2 kids, and we pre-ordered 4 full racks and 1 half rack one day ahead. The staff consisted of a completely clueless Chinese guy, 2 Filipino girls and a Filipino manager. We assumed the lady that walked around the restaurant constantly holding her infant baby and gave us a menu is the boss lady.

    I was on time, as usual, at 7 and asked the Chinese guy what the half price ribs come with if any sides, he did NOT know. After a long pause, I asked if he can go ask someone, and he proceeded to go flip the menu on the side. He never came back to answer me before I flagged down the manager and he explained that I can get two sides of either corn on the cob or mashed potatoes.

    After the party arrived we ordered 3 salads and it took a while to come but were gobbled up by us within minutes. The salads were good portions and tasted 4/5 however they looked a little too similar to one another. I thought they could maybe play up different vegetables a little bit more.

    Forgot to mention the tedious ordering process. Apparently after much explaining, we were NOT to choose EITHER corn on the cob or mashed potatoes for the sides, but instead to choose TWO out of the corn or mashed potatoes or SALAD. Since we had 4 full racks and one half rack, I told the waitress why don't we just order 9 sides, but she could not understand. I then said why don't we do 2 salad sides for the first rack, 2 mashed potatoes for the second rack and so on but she kept insisting we have the option to two DIFFERENT sides per rack. Eventually we ordered one rack, it's two sides, then the next rack and so on and so on until the last half rack.

    The ribs did not come until 9 PM. We had asked them so many times where our food was that we the waiters were beginning to be afraid to come to our side.

    The ribs were delicious, portion enormous. The value is great. We had a great meal, albeit drawn out due to the ribs arriving so late. The other table that arrived after us got their ribs first and they had long finished before ours even arrived.

    The manager offered us a drink on the house to make up for the ribs being late, and it made us all very happy. We immediately forgot and forgave about the late ribs.

    We could not finish and took 3 half racks home. We were 5 women and 2 men and 4.5 full racks was too much. I would suggest half a rack per person is enough unless the party is all men with a great appetite.

    Out with the old, in with the new
    For Kakadu on May 18, 2015
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Drinks
    With Family
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    With Friends
    Joined Jul 31, 2012
    Is Australian
    Posted 2 Reviews
    After seeing the post on smartshanghai for a plate of ribs I excitedly sent it to my friend and planned a Monday evening feast. We had started with the incredible oysters (service, cocktails, decor, etc) at The Nest which arguably set our expectations a tad high, but regardless of this what was promised at Kakadu was significantly below what we received.

    Monday can be pretty quiet dining in general so I get it that restos want to up their business with deals. Thing is, you can't just get people in the door with an ad for ribs and then deliver them lukewarm service and COLD RIBS. Are you serious? Cold Ribs?!? The only reason we came was because we were lured in by the thought of succulent, smoky, delicious ribs, and instead got some almost, nearly, not really warm meat drowned in sauce.

    Luckily for us they were accompanied by some sweet corn also drowned in sweet&sour sauce - gross. If the place had been pumping and staff were running riot I would have had less beef, but there were only 2 other tables aside from ours so this is nowhere near acceptable.

    Furthermore, when we explained to our waitress that the ribs were cold, she first had to go and discuss with the kitchen instead of taking them away directly - also not legit.

    The staff appear to mean well, they just aren't properly trained. Management should really get their act together or soon we'll be seeing another resto go into administration. Wouldn't be such a bad thing in this instance I suppose.
    Return Visit
    For Kakadu on December 11, 2014
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Drinks
    With Family
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    With Friends
    Joined Aug 25, 2006
    Posted 12 Reviews
    Sometimes when you are a fairly regular type of bloke at a restaurant, you don't put in any efforts to review it. God forbid a cackle of Poms should start to frequent the place. Our even worse, Yanks. But here we go, Kakadu.

    Kakadu is a stalwart, a legend, an institution. There's that. But there's a whole lot more. On this last visit, I had "several" glasses of very serviceable red wine at happy hour prices, served by an excellent bartender with a lead-handed pour. God bless you and I hope Santa brings you something special.

    Dinner was a selection of crab spring rolls - crispy, excellent - combined with a nicely cooked sirloin - medium rare. What I love is that you have great food, not pretentious at all, with great wines and nice people. Like a good Australian mate. Hangs out, swears a bit, great character. Keep it up, Kakadu.
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