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    • ADDRESS:
      175 Changle Lu,
      near Maoming Lu
      长乐路175号, 近茂名路
    • PHONE:
      6415 5056
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from South Shaanxi Rd
    • HOURS:
      Mon-Fri, 10am-4am,
      Sat-Sun, 10am-6am
    • CARDS:
      Local and international cards accepted
    • PRICE:
      $$ $$$
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Xinwang is a popular cha canting chain. The menu comprises mostly Hong Kong greasy spoon staples -- stir-fries, casseroles, turnip cakes and assorted dim sum, pineapple buns and milk tea. Great for late night dining. Good for late night dining.
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  • HK in SH?
    For Xinwang on September 19, 2014
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Drinks
    With Family
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    With Friends
    Joined Mar 23, 2009
    Is British
    Posted 6 Reviews
    This is the closest I've felt to being in HK in SH. Fast & efficient, if not overly friendly, service, great Congee, without the dirty water taste common here, and crowds of fashion victims wearing ridiculous outfits (I went late Saturday night) made me feel like I was in Kowloon. Open 24 hours as well... There are 8 or 9 of these in SH I think but, in this case, not-so-smart Shanghai only lists this one.
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