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Big Bamboo (Nanyang Lu)

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6256 2265


132 Nanyang Lu,
near Tongren Lu


Jing'an 静安


Jing'an Temple, 10 mins. walk


Daily, 2pm-4am


Local and international cards accepted


$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)


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Editor's Description
Last updated: September 17, 2013

One of Shanghai's most popular and longest running sports bars, The Big Bamboo is the first place to go if you're looking for beer in a bar and sports on TV. They host live feeds of virtually all championship games in virtually all sports, as well as offer daily happy hour specials and drink deals. They've also got pool, darts, foosball, and a full menu of western dinner options and pub fare. Check their website for special events anchored around whatever sport is having their championship.

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Shanghai Fight Night is upon us. Time to watch normal schlubs get chiseled up and then beat the piss out of each other in front of their friends. Sign up is at Big Bamboo. Starts 7pm. Training starts September 16.
On Mon 01 at Big Bamboo (Nanyang Lu)
Big Bamboo hosts a info session for Shanghai Fight Night, a boxing competition happening early next year. The 14-week training starts on September 16. It's free to sign up and the info session is free too. Starts at 7pm.
On Mon 01 at Big Bamboo (Nanyang Lu)
CanCham Shanghai is arranging a Shanghai scavenger hunt. Teams roam the city with a list of tasks, feats and puzzles to complete. 145rmb per person. Includes a drink and a meal afterward. Members pay 110rmb. Noon to 5pm.
On Sat 13 at Big Bamboo (Nanyang Lu)

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