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Places To Watch The Rugby World Cup Semi-Finals

By Oct 22, 2015 Sports & Recreation
South Africa plays New Zealand at 11pm on Saturday, October 24, then Argentina plays Australia at midnight on Sunday (Monday morning). Here's some places to watch those games.

Zapatas is pushing tickets to watch the match on a big screen in a tent in Sasha's garden for 50rmb. That ticket comes with a 500ml mug of Heineken draft. Expect things to get rowdy at this one -- remember the madness of the World Cup there last year.

If you're in Pudong, you can go to Kerry Hotel's The Brew or the Rugby Central Suite in the Shangri-La. The Brew has beer and house wine options from 50rmb. No one in the Shangri-La knows about this "Rugby Central Suite" or if there will be drink deals. It's a mystery. We seriously spoke to half the hotel staff. Apparently it's there in the basement somewhere, but the only evidence we have is this lovely press photo / "key visual" that features the Shangri-La staff just having a completely awesome time in the mystery suite.

For the sports bar vibe, you can check out The Spot, The Camel (always solid) or Big Bamboo. The Big Bamboo locations are charging 100rmb tickets for each game night, but that comes with two drinks (drinks are standard price after that). The Spot will have a 1.25 liter pitcher of Tiger draft for 100rmb on Saturday, and happy hour all night on Sunday. The Camel in Xuhui and in Pudong will show the games but they won't have any promotions.

On Yongkang Lu, Irish pub Blarney Stone and South African bar Cape Grape are showing the semi-finals. No drink deals though. For those, maybe hit up the Shed in Jing'an. They've got 45rmb on Bulldog beer and buy-one-get-one free on 500ml Guinness draft during the matches.

For more events over the weekend, stay updated with our events page.



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  • existential

    Don't bother with The Spot and Big Bamboo - they show the games without sound , meanwhile blasting the bar with dive bar rock . They both seriously suck as sport bars and BB is just awful with the old geezer and Asian hooker vibe. . maybe the finals will be different but I wouldn't chance it.

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