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400 666 8023


B/1, 366 Zhaojiabang Lu,
near Xiangyang Lu


Xuhui 徐汇


Jiashan Rd, 10 mins. walk


Mon-Fri, 2pm-12am
Sat-Sun, 10am-2am


Local cards accepted


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Editor's Description
Last updated: July 14, 2014

Don't let the facade fool you, X Club is not a strip club. This is one of the few places in town where you can grab a few shots with your friends and then take a few shots at them in their dayglo laser tag maze.

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Nightlife, Bars, Laser Tag, Xuhui

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Every Monday through Thursday from 2pm-6pm and Friday to Sunday from 12am-late, X Club laser tag bar offers a 50% discount off all laser tag games. Each game of laser tag is only 25rmb per person.
Daily at X Club
This lazer tag spot does a couple of 100rmb all-you-can_____ deals every Monday–Wednesday. 100rmb gets you all-you-can-play lazer tag, which is pretty fun. Throw down another 100rmb and get all you can drink Tiger beer.
Every Mon, Tue, Wed until Jan 31 at X Club

This lazer-tag basement does a special on cinnamon-infused whiskey every Friday night. Shots go for 15rmb each. The lazer tag is good sweaty fun, but don't run or you might hit a wall or something. Offer is good all day on Fridays.
Every Fri at X Club



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