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5239 7728


F/B2, 1363 Sichuan Bei Lu,
near Wujin Lu


Hongkou 虹口


Sichuan Rd (N), 10 mins. walk


Daily, 24 hours




$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)

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Editor's Description
Last updated: October 14, 2013

This quick-serve burger joint is an attempted replica of famed American burger chain In-n-Out Burger. Like said burger chain, the restaurant boasts ingredients freshly prepared daily. The menu is simple, featuring three types of burgers, and other items like "wild style" fries, their version of In-n-out's "animal style." A limited selection of wine and beer as well as "spiked" vanilla milkshakes are on offer as well. Delivery 24 hours within 2km.

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Aug 10th, 2012


Joined Aug/12
Posted 1 Reviews
From: Ami

Forget the negative reviews. If you have ever enjoyed In-n-Out you won't be let down by Cali Burger.  They have cloned the burgers perfectly and have done a pretty good job with the fries as well (go "wild style" on both).  Been here three times in a week, consistently happy with the results. The music videos, however, are terrible.
Value for Money
Suitable for ...
The Food
A Date
The Service
Business Dinner
The Decor
With Friends

Aug 5th, 2012


Joined Aug/12
Posted 1 Reviews
From: American

I was on my Facebook page the other day and my sister posted a photo of an IN-N-OUT Burger and fries which I shared. Another friend of mine who is back in San Diego but spent 2 years in Shanghai gave me a link to CaliBurger and told me it was a knock-off of IN-N-OUT (which makes just about the best burgers in the world) but he had never been able to try it out. So I made the trip over from Malone's (only a 10 minute walk) after a few beers with a friend Well, I was very pleased. The place was clean and bright. I ordered a "Double double" with fires and an all you can drink soda (55rmb). The food was really tasty and I went back and got a cheese burger to top me off. I can't say that it's a perfect knock-off but its damn good. Give it a try!

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