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ChinaJoy 2013 in Pictures

Scantily clad models and thousands of desperate, sweaty men all in a gigantic poorly ventilated box. What could possibly go wrong?
2013-07-29 17:04:45

If you’re unfamiliar with ChinaJoy, people often compare it to Comic-Con, the annual American event that introduces the latest movies and books in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. But Comic-Con has big name actors and directors giving interviews and lectures, not to mention the fans themselves who attend the show dressed as their favorite super hero or comic book character.

ChinaJoy, however, is pretty much like any generic trade show, except that it has nothing to offer except crowded rooms, scantily clad models and thousands upon thousands of desperate, sweaty men.

Last weekend was the 11th annual ChinaJoy, and it was the biggest one yet. But bigger doesn’t always mean better. A few years ago those previously mentioned models were all dressed in elaborate (sexy) costumes of your favorite computer game characters, and many stages would include highly choreographed live-action fight scenes followed by endless posing. This year most of the video game companies seemed to have skipped the character costume in favor of girls in spandex.

I could be wrong. I mean, I stopped playing video games when they added more than three buttons to the controller. But I don’t think that all the new games of 2013 feature a cast of girls in hot pants. Yet the companies would have you believe that there is somehow a connection between their new game or console and the army of Hooters wannabes flouncing about their stage.

It's a two-hour lineup in 40-degree weather, and then a crush of 90,000 dudes all struggling to get that perfect cleavage shot (and perhaps even trying playing a new game). Most booths featured a few of these girls, not really doing anything, just standing there doing “sexy” poses for the hordes of fanboys.

We usually send a photographer down to get snaps of these sweaty, mouth-breathers as they ogle all of this unobtainable eye candy. This year, it seems everyone else did too, but hey, always room for a few more shots of chunky men taking pictures of girls puffing out their cheeks and sticking their tongues out adorably, right? Right?

We bring you ChinaJoy 2013. Enjoy...

Click here for a slideshow of everything we saw.

All photographs by Brandon McGhee