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ChinaJoy 2015 In Pictures

China's biggest gaming / cosplay Freakout returns to Pudong this weekend, tamer than ever. Here's our first look.
Jul 31, 2015 | 12:42 Fri
ChinaJoy, China's largest and sweatiest gaming / cosplay / mouth-breather convention, opened on Thursday to thousands at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Like last year, the event showcased the latest games and technology from companies big and small. The airport-sized convention grounds were filled with stages and booths by companies like Tencent, Blizzard, Microsoft, and Sony, plus the latest VR technology available to try (Oculus Rift is there this year) and the thrilling sport of live-gaming projected onto huge monitors. There's also drone demos, and lots of tacky customized cars with anime decals.

The biggest difference with the previous 12 ChinaJoys is the models. In past years, the event was famous for having hundreds of ladies / bar-girls / models dressed like anime ratchets, but the authorities have definitely harmonized the raunch. Under new rules, models showing more than two centimeters of cleavage will get hit with fines of up to 5000rmb, and double that for models pole / cage dancing, much to the dismay of those weird uncles with expensive cameras that ChinaJoy always brings out. It's pretty tame this year, folks. On opening day, the crowds were small, but it should get busier over the weekend when the main events and competitions take place. Overall, if you're really into gaming, check it out -- otherwise, ehhhh, probably not worth waiting in line in these temperatures. Here's some photos from opening day. The event runs through Sunday, August 2.

Intro by X.Z. Palmer, Photos by Brandon McGhee
'Notes Towards a Model Opera'