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Game On: The Euro Cup 2020 in Shanghai

Euro Cup fever! Extremely contagious. You know you want it too.  Here’s what you already know: Europe's largest sports event happens every 4 years. It was originally scheduled in June/July...
2021-06-11 17:00:00

Euro Cup fever! Extremely contagious. You know you want it too. 

Here’s what you already know: Europe's largest sports event happens every 4 years. It was originally scheduled in June/July last year, but then Covid happened and it got rescheduled to this year. They kept the name UEFA Euro 2020 though. Different from previous ones, this one doesn't have an actual host country — it's hosted in 11 cities in 11 European countries. 

Anyway!. It starts tonight at 3am with a Turkey vs Italy match and runs until July 11. Matches in Shanghai air at 9pm, midnight or 3am Shanghai time. It kicks into high gear from July 3rd onwards, with quarter final matches at midnight and 3am. The final is scheduled at that time on July 12, at 3am.

Click here to the full schedule.

SmartShanghai compiled a quick run-down of Shanghai pubs and bars hosting screenings of the European Cup. Here’s who’s got the games, with their TV situation and the price of entry.



What is it: Cages continues to be the place everyone goes, on account of it being the only place big enough to hold everybody. Seating capacity of 800 people, and it's in Jing'an, and they have batting cages so the inevitable football riot when Italy beats France in injury time will be well-equipped. Buy tickets through their official account at: cagesofficial

Admission: After 9:30pm, tickets are 100rmb per person. This equals to 6 tokens, which you can exchange for food and drinks (a beer, for example, is worth 2 tokens). No reservations, first come first serve.

TV Situation: More TV screens than a Best Buy.


Found 158

What is it: Only the rain might stop people from going into the sunken city. Otherwise it gets really busy and - you guessed it - Budweiser has a huge screen in the center showing all matches. El Santo has a Euro 2020 themed pub quiz coming up this Sunday, details here. Expect some (friendly?) rivalries between the Germans at Zapfler and the French at Le Cafe des Stagiaires. Oh la la. 

Admission: Currently no admission, but their policies have changed frequently in the past. 

TV Situation: Most bars inside Found 158 have screens, and then there's a big outdoor screen in the center.



What is it: Camel Bar recently re-branded to The Smokehouse x The Camel and joined forces with Matty C to bring Texas BBQ to downtown Xuhui. They still have huge LCD screens and remains pretty much the vibe of a great place to watch sports with a very downtown location. Their Smash Burgers are worth a try *and* the fried pickles. 

Admission: Free until the semi-finals, but for the bigger games like Sundays, cover is 200 RMB which gets you FOUR Carlsberg bottles.  

TV Situation: No extra big screens, but current ones are already pretty big.


Shanghai Brew House Ala Town

What is it:  Shanghai Brew House has a few locations around town. Their Ala Town location is a decent spot for those living further out west in Shanghai. Good craft beer, solid food, a comfortable spot. They're showing all the games at all locations. On the night of a match, they are offering 1 hour of free flow beer from 10-11pm if you order any food. Details here.

Admission: Free for the entire tournament.

TV Situation: Regular sports bar style, enough for everyone to see the match.


The Shed

What is it: This neighborhood sports pub's famous for its cheap chicken wings, has two locations. Both will be showing all matches live, but the  Laowai Jie one adds a huge outdoor screen. All their standard weekly deals will be available, which means, 2rmb wings on Wednesdays and half price for drinks on Fridays. See the events section to see all their deals.

Admission: No admission

TV Situation: An extra big screen and extra seats for their Hongqiao location.