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Here Comes Rolling in the Park, Shanghai’s First International Children Music Festival

Check out the line-up and highlights of Shanghai’s first international festival for kids and families…
2023-09-01 12:00:00

Shanghai can be a tough place for families. This city's social calendar is often dominated by things you can't really bring your kids to: high-end restaurant openings, networking and nightlife events, concerts, exhibitions, and stage shows geared to adults. There are a few family-friendly activities and programs, but nothing on the organization and scale that you would find back home.

Now, finally, running from October 20 to October 22 of this year is "Rolling in the Park", a three-day music, theater, and play festival the whole family can enjoy. Get ready and mark your calendars for a large-scale, professional festival experience, with a huge, international line-up of kid-friendly bands, performers, educators, and artists. Rolling in the Park will feature an array of diverse, fun, and educational experiences and activities with special care and attention given to an audience that includes infants, toddlers, pre-teens, and teens, on up.

About the Organizers

Founded in 2015, Rolling Music is a leading music education center and platform in Shanghai and China. Their team comprises an international cast of musicians and professionals dedicated to teaching and spreading the joy of modern international music to young minds. From their own background, Rolling Music has planned Rolling in the Park to go beyond their role as music educators to inspire new experiences and opportunities for kids of all ages to learn, be creative, enjoy special time with family, and have fun.

Rolling in the Park at a Glance

Rolling in the Park: Daily Schedule

Rolling in the Park Festival Highlights

The festival is broken up into various stages and themed areas, including a main stage for bands and musical acts, an educational stage for theatrical and informative performances, a workshop area, where kids can join in on the creative fun, "around the park" activities, and a young talents stage, where emerging music talents will get to show off their skills.

Check out a few of the program highlights, separated by stage/area.

The Rolling Music Stage

The main Rolling Music Stage features family-friendly musical acts coming from all around the world and playing in several genres, including funk, rock, reggae, folk, pop, hip hop, and more.

Panda Hsiung (Taiwan, China)

Panda is a talented and charismatic 80s-generation singer and songwriter, and his song "Match Heaven" is a classic all over the country, in the pop genre. A recipient of the "Best Lyricist Award" at the 8th Golden Melody Awards, his pop classics appeal to fans of all ages, including "Your Eyes", "Snow Migratory Birds", "Fisherman's Wharf", and more.

Monski Mouse's Baby Disco (AU/UK)

From Edinburgh to London's Southbank Centre, sweeping through Australia to the UK, Monski Mouse's Baby Disco is an international musical performance hit, ideal for young families with infants aged 0-5. Kids groove along to the various music styles and rhythmic dance moves with DJ Monski and her enthusiastic dancer Ninian!

Yuen Denise (Taiwan, China)

Introducing Yuen Denise, the "Taiwanese piano elf". Yuen's album Trackingwon "Best New Artist Award" at the 1999 Golden Melody Awards and four of her acclaimed pop albums have sold over 500,000 copies. With years of musical experience, Yuen Denise uses her piano and angelic voice to bring authentic emotional experiences to younger generations.

Puman (Yunnan, China)

Coming from Yunnan, Puman is a world-class Chinese reggae act with members representing various ethnic groups and backgrounds, including including Bulang, Yi, Wa, Hani, and Nax. They play classic reggae music infused with the sounds and instrumentation of their heritage, offering rich sounds and swinging rhythms the whole family can enjoy.

Nomads (China, USA)

Spinning traditional bluegrass music with old Chinese folk songs, Nomads is a band on a mission of peace to help people connect with each other musically, and transcend cultural and temporal boundaries. Powerful, driving rhythms are juxtaposed with beautiful harmonies to sweep you out of your seat and bounce you up onto the dance floor.

The Verse & Catgroove

The first big funk band in China, The Verse is performing with dance crew, Catgroove to offer the full sensory funky experience. Expect a big infectuous sound from the world traveled and long-running band, and plenty of opportunities to get up and dance.

Galaxy Kiss

Whether it's the rich mid-tempo electronica, or urban rhythms with a touch of showa vibes, or even high-speed techno, Galaxy Kiss' music is not confined to any genre. As a "vaporwave" genre pioneer Galaxy Kiss first gained popularity through the film "Golden Orange International Cinema". For their performance at Rolling in the Park, they'll be doing a carefully curated the playlist, combined with live instrumentation for a blissed out electronic experience.

The EDU Stage

The EDU Stage brings the classroom into the theater, with kids getting up close and personal with fun, interactive shows.

Donal's "Science Magic in Daily Life and Crazy Gadgets"Ireland

Suitable for kids aged five and above, Irish science wizard Donal makes learning science fun with explosive (and educational) science experiments. Always exciting... and sometimes very messy. Donal is performing two shows for the festival, one highlighting science experiments and one showcasing his crazy gadgets.

Rockable Juice Machine Interactive Musical (China)

Suitable for kids aged five and above, the musical group At You Rock Band shows the young audience that making a rock song is not hard at all — it's as simple as blending up a glass of juice. A fun way for kids to learn about music composition.

Elias Faingersh's "A Journey to the Land of Sounds" (Sweden)

Suitable for kids aged 4 and above, internationally acclaimed Swedish artist Elias Faingersh leads a musical adventure in search of lost sounds with his magic golden trombone — a surprisingly interactive experience.

Kirk Kenney's "Immersive Folk Music Maker Challenge" (USA)

For a younger audience ages 4 and up, American folk artist and children's entertainer Kirk Kenney invites kids to learn about and hum along with folk music from centuries ago — and to make up their own stories to go with it.

The Verse & Catgroove:"How to Dance with Fun" Music Party

China's favorite funk band, The Verse joins with dance crew Catgroove to lead a fun dance workshop for the little ones. There's no wrong answers in how to dance with fun...

LINKARTS BandPeking Opera and Kunqu Opera Immersive Viewing Experience

LINKARTS are bringing the historical and the contemporary to the stage, as well as Eastern and Western styles of opera performance. Honor the traditional classics with your kids and feel the charm of new stage innovations with this immersive opera experience.

Around the Park

Fun for the whole family to discover, there are tons of events and performances that are happening spontaneously.

Amazing Drumming Monkeys (AU)

Combining African drumming, comedy, and puppetry, the Amazing Drumming Monkeys coming from Australia are a one of a kind performance troup specializing in creating moments of joy for kids of all ages.

Flow (HK China)

With acrobatics and circus arts, Flow from Hong Kong is performing a dazzling show of technical skill and awe-inspiring ability.

Modern Dance: Whistle (Israel)

Coming all the way from Israel, this performer is showcasing unique modern dance that is both captivating and inspiring.

'Carnival with the Forest Citizens'

The animals from The Jungle Book walk out of the pages of the timeless classic to enjoy the festival with the guests. Plenty of chances to make new friends with all the animals of the wild kingdom.

The Workshop Area

The interactive workshop area of Rolling in the Pak features over 20 diverse programs to boost creativity and learning.

Lego Master Workshop (Ages 6-12)

Follow the steps of the only 3 Lego certified masters to craft masterpieces out of lego. Let your imagination and creativity soar.

Sound Adventures (Ages 10 and up)

Embark on an unforgettable musical journey with various unique wind instruments and their captivating origins from around the world.

Flowing Meditation Workshop from Israel (Ages 10 and up)

Learn how to listen to, absorb, and react towards the perceived information, inspiring different dance movements.

Crystal Ball Juggling Workshop (Ages 8 and up)

Learn some beginner movements for crystal ball juggling, enhancing kids' concentration ability.

Screaming Symphony from Sweden (Ages 2 and up)

A Swedish artist will guide children make noises, combining trombone and live electronic devices, to create fun sounds together. Towards the end of the workshop, children are allowed to scream, which is then turned into music.

Bamboo Crafting (Ages 5 and Up)

A bamboo art class for young students. Make little birds using bamboo, and discover the possibilities of this amazing material.

Robot Arm Sugar Painting (Ages 4 and Up)

Combining a traditional Chinese art form with modern technology, this workshop presents a novel collaboration between Chinese intangible cultural heritage and Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing techniques.


...And that's just a small portion of what's going on at Rolling in the Park. More bands, performers, and entertainers, and activities are being released in the weeks coming up the the festival.

Check back for updates as we get nearer to October 22.

The Details

Dates: October 20 to October 22.

Venue:Maxus Music Valley (next the Shanghai Disney)

Holiday Square D Fangche Community Chuanshaxinzhen Shanghai International Travel Resort, Shendi South Road No.177, Pudong

Ages: Performances and activities for kids of all ages and backgrounds.

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