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Drain Off Your Kid’s Excess Energy at this Gigantic Trampoline Park

Extreme Jump is back open for all your extreme jumping needs…
2022-07-16 12:00:00


If you've got kids still looking to expend some of that lockdown energy, you can take them to Extreme Jump trampoline park and it's okay if they literally bounce off the walls. It's back open and fully operational, offering a good several hours worth of jumping, bouncing, leaping, and flying through the air in a few different formats.

They've got trampolines in general, trampolines under basketball rims that you can do slam dunks on, trampolines against velcro walls that you can fling yourself onto, and trampolines under a big American Gladiator-style obstacle course that batters you from platforms into a styrofoam pit. They've also got a huge scary looking slide, a big swing, a batting cage, a shoot-em-up arcade game, and a big inflatable mat thing that you can throw yourself off a building onto.

Hot damn. Check it out.

Attached to the trampoline park is the "extreme jump" section. Not as intense as the name implies, this bit is where the bigger jumps go down. You can jump from a ten-meter-high platform onto a big inflatable mat, like as if you were escaping a burning building. There's also the double swing, a 90-degree slide, and rock climbing.

This is an 8-meter high indoor zip-line ride. Pretty cool.

The highest indoor bungee jump in Shanghai, you can fling yourself off a platform 10 meters high.

Here's one of the professionals doing a backflip onto the big mat thing. Yeah, that's pretty extreme...

You've got to read some safety rules and put on some socks with lil' grips on the soles. Coaches keep an eye on you from the sidelines and let you know if you're doing it wrong. There is actually a way to do it wrong. You've got to keep your legs straight-ish or you'll double-jump yourself into the stratosphere. Very much not ideal. The coaches are also there to teach you some tricks and demonstrate how to do everything better than you can. Like the basketball dunking thing. They're very, very good at that.

One thing: trampolines are a lot of work, man! Yeah, this is some serious exercise. Great for kids with lots of energy to expend. But when you get completely exhausted after about five minutes of jumping you can hole up in the batting cage and swat a few dingers.

Talking with the owner, he's pretty proud of the fact that Olympic champion Yiling Fan is their brand ambassador. He's also pretty keen on their basketball dunking shows performed by pro basketball players. If you're interested in that, ask about those. They're open for team building events, big groups activities, special events and parties.

Also available: on-site Batman costumes should the need arise.

Prices and getting there:

It's at 518 Kangshan Lu out in Pudong, about a 60rmb Didi ride from the city center. They're open from 9:30am to 9:30pm. It's 168rmb per hour. 10rmb extra for the gripping socks.

They also do group rates for 10 people or more, with four-hour package deals for 280rmb per person. Memberships are also available for serious jumpers.

Tickets available here.