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The Star Trek Exhibition Is Rad, Sweet

"A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars." SmSh does an away mission to the newly opened 'Star Trek: The Exhibition' thing.
2016-09-07 18:50:15
Captain’s Log. Stardate 495.0935.

Hailing on all frequencies! Hailing on all frequencies! Open a channel, Mr. Worf. Attention, all dweebs and geeks in the sector. Attention: nerdlingers, dinguses, and dorkus malorkuses! Huge news! Wondrous news! Stupendous news! Out in Hongqiao — (truly, the sucky frontier if you ask me) — right next to the Starport Hongqiao Train Station in some ghost mall called “The Hub” — (we’re talking Delta Quadrant here, straight-up) — is Star Trek: The Exhibition, a massive and magnificent collection of props, costumes, make-up, memorabilia, displays, set pieces, interactive thingies, and more from 50 glorious and infallible years of the Star Trek franchise.

It’s Star Trek: The Exhibition and it is indeed both rad and super sweet.

Are you ready to boldly go?


Star Trek: The Exhibition is touring the world in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Starship Enterprise, first launched into space, the world’s imagination, and onto my dad’s basement television in 1966, with the debut of TOS (that’s “The Original Series”, come on, keep up). The scope of the exhibitions covers the next 50 years of material, to stardate 2009 or so, with just a little bit of the JJ Abrams reboot Star Trek.

(The reboots. GAH. WTF Benedict Cumberbund is Khan? What? Oh, word? Really? SRsLy?)

What you have in abundance is super neat props and stuff from all of the TV seriesess's — TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise — and 10 feature films up until Star Trek: Nemesis.

This is a way of life. This is Gene’s vision.

It’s an amazing story. In the last 50 years the Star Trek franchise has evolved with our world. It’s “trekked” with us. As the creative expression of single simple philosophical idea — that things will get better for humanity in the future — it’s survived the changing tides of history in the late 20th century, the evolving paradigms of modern entertainment media and consumer technology, our collective humanity’s ever-shifting view on science, space exploration, and our place in the universe, and, perhaps most bafflingly, the maroon one-sie Counselor Troi wore in the first 4 seasons of Next Gen.

Seriously, good lord Deanna, the maroon one-sie.

In addition to the really wonderful costumes, authentic props, productions bric-a-brac, and informational material, the centerpieces to the exhibition are the life-scale installation pieces — the fully recreated sets. In addition to an authentic-looking hallway piece, they’ve got:

The Captain’s Ready Room on Enterprise D

Chief Science Officer Sp-Acco couldn’t resist banging out a rueful tune in remembrance of his life as Kamin, a humanoid scientist whose planet was destroyed when its sun went supernova.

A Transporter Pad

Two to beam down to Rigel 7 pleasure planet, Mr. LaForge! And… Don’t. Wait. Up.

A Life-Size Recreation of the Bridge of the Enterprise D

"Looks like another long and protracted negotiation with the Romulans. Better call Whoopi Goldberg in 10-Forward to whip us up some some Wagas."

"... Second star on the left, helm. And straight through until morn'." The future is so bright.

"So essentially what you're saying is that we'll be using the tachyon field as a sort of primitive slingshot to propel the Enterprise out of the asteroid's gravitational pull. Well, done, Mr. Sp-acco. Very ingenious."

"We have engaged... the BUND."

(Like, you know that line... "we've engaged THE BORG!" Like that but "the BUND". Yeah, yeah... they can't all be touchdowns.)

So. What else do you want to know, dork? Star Trek: The Exhibtition -- it's pretty wicked. Hooray! We got our uniforms off Taobao for a cool 250rmb a piece, but they've got a gift shop there as well for more Star Trek stuff. Like shirts, cups, toys, and figurines. Person running it was having the time of her life.

Look. Spock pillow. That's just... all about the neck support of the many...

Star Trek: The Exhibition is on until October 25. 60rmb on weekdays. 80rmb on weekends. Mon: 10.30am-6pm. Tue-Sun: 10.30am-8.30pm.