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A Look Into the Beethoven Experience at the Shanghai Concert Hall

An interactive ode to the legendary composer.
2021-02-03 18:00:00
Photos: Angela Leung
The Shanghai Concert Hall is hosting, what is called, The Beethoven Experience. It's one-part museum, one-part art installation and whole-part 'Instagram gold'. The artistic tour has guests immersed in an abstract conception of the life and work of Beethoven himself; from tactile visualizations of the Fifth Symphony to a 360º panoramic movie showcase.

The 4th floor has been transformed into a labyrinth of Beethoven's work. Although no minotaurs were found, poignant quotes by critics and the man himself decorate across the walls. They were almost like bite-sized words of thought, something encapsulating the artistry of early 19th-century Romanticism.

"Why is it opportune to have a Beethoven experience?" would be what some curious individual out there would ask. Well, know that 2020 marked the 250th anniversary of Beethoven, and for obvious reasons, this museum experience could not go on display. This commemoration to the composer has the chance to be on for only these few months. It's also part of the hall's thematic Beethoven-extravaganza (there was a NYE concert).

When kids hear the words "classical music" and "museum" together in one sentence, they will express a roaring groan. Any parent would love to share the art and culture of history with their progeny. Well, the two can share the enjoyment with each other as both can get a kick from this fun-ducational tour, where every stop is another means to learn and play.

Take it or leave it with the pricing, but a single person admission on a weekday is the cheapest cost for entry: 118rmb. On the weekends and/or holidays, expect a bump up with the ticket price going to 138rmb. There are deals for couples, so bringing a date is affordable.

A surprising enjoyment to have. The Beethoven Experience took the idea of presenting stuffy collections of old pianos with concerto renditions looped into eternity, and then tossed that it into the bin. It's a step into the modern age, a fresh take on old formulas, bringing a sense of youth and intrigue for a man that has been gone hundreds of years.


The Beethoven Experience at Shanghai Concert Hall is from January 27 to March 21. Entrance is 118rmb per person on weekdays. Click HERE to buy tickets.