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[Boutique Beat]: Introducing V Spot, the Woman’s Sex Shop

You may have heard it doesn’t exist — but there it is, right on the corner of Donghu Lu, bringing you toys and the like in a sex positive, female friendly space.
Last updated: 2017-08-31


In Brief:

Created by Ying Wong and her small team, V Spot is a high-end adult sexual health store that aims to create a space where women feel safe to explore. They carry quality product, boasting the best in vibrators, dildos, lubricants, and S&M wear. With the quality comes the price tag, so said exploratory excursion might set you back a bit... still, it’s worth voyeur'ing.

In addition to goodies for purchase in store and on Taobao, they’ve got dance classes and workshops on for the fall, from a tasting of exclusively women-made wine to a bondage tutorial.

**whip crack!**



First Impressions First

When I’m good, I’m very good. When I’m bad, I’m better. The shop’s mantra (and Taylor Swift’s new worldview incidentally) is painted in cursive on an orange-tinted divider at the center of the main space. It’s the ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ of sexy slogans and awesome in its girlishness — pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the place.


Well lit, spacious, and carefully curated, V Spot tilts more boutique than standard hole-in-the-wall street side sex toy shop. Maybe that’s because the team of four behind it are all novices to the industry; Ying herself worked for Nike before taking the leap to specified retail. They're coming from the customer's perspective rather than serving as the middle (wo)man between your sexy bits and some giant plastics factory in Anhui.


From the back, there’s a flat dance floor with three gold poles, a mod-ish lounge area, and a wine bar with a neon light installation piece that reminds you just who the store is for. In the front there's a myriad of products for couples as well as a group of troublingly seductive mannequins sporting red sequined masks, leather leashes, and gold body jewelry.

And on the left-hand side one can find...

The Great Wall of Vibrators

Lots of variety from Tickler to We-Vibe, if it's a fancy vibrator you seek, it's a fancy vibrator you shall find. Prices range from 98rmb for a 'Pocket Toyfriend' to 1,799rmb for the more complicated models. Hands-down the snazziest vibrators were from Shiri Zinn, a designer who (so far) only sells her product in China through V Spot. One of hers, aptly named 'i-Sream' (599rmb) looks like an ice cream cone, — cute and innocuous, but this guy's got 6 different settings. Bracing!


i-Scream by Shiri Zinn (599rmb)

According to Ying, the best-seller for guys (and one of the only products available specifically for them in the store) is the Pulse III Solo by Hot Octopuss (739rmb). Simply put, it's a vibrator for men. Embrace the new, fellas. Open yourselves to new ideas and experiences. This will render the masturbation cup obsolete. For ladies, it's the Satisfyer Pro 2 (680rmb), which looks a lot like a Clarisonic face brush and promises to 'revolutionize bath time.'

Do Chains and Whips Excite You?

(Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rihanna.)


Mask by Fräulein Kink (658rmb), body jewelry by Bijoux (258-299rmb)

V Spot's not just about the toys, they've got high end bondage and S&M wear, featuring custom made pieces by designer Fräulein Kink. Here's your one-stop shop for high quality leather whips and leashes, and for the eco-conscious woman they've got vegan versions of the same (about 428rmb - 1,200rmb). There's also a pretty wide collection of body jewelry, games, lube, and edible stuff like body chocolate (tastes just like chocolate it just chocolate syrup?) and massage oil (best one by a long shot: tiramisu).

The Greatest Dildo Ever Made


Handmade sex toy by Persian Palm (1,200rmb)

From Tuscany based Persian Palm comes the most awe-inspiring dildo known to womankind (probably). All of their products are ceramic and hand-painted. This one's floral pattern was made with real gold and can be yours for a mere 1,200rmb (kidding, that's a lot of money to me... but it is real pretty). This is the only one in the store but you can also design your own for order. DIY dildos. Kinda.

Workshops, Pole Dancing, and Private Parties:

There will be pole, burlesque, and broadway workshops, the majority of which will launch after the October holiday; but pole dancing starts on September 16 (there have already been some trial classes, but one-time trials are still available at 100rmb). Ying says it won't be like a dance studio, it'll be more like a four part performance-driven-mini-course. The four-class course costs 1,000rmb, but there may be an early bird special, TBD.


Ying's vision is for V Spot to be more than a store, almost like a sex library where you can feel at ease, spend some time, and learn a thing or two. In the spirit of exploration, there will be a few workshops (schedule TBA) including a delve into rope art and 'sex toy design 101' as told by the maker of Tickler.

Also in the works, a group deal for drinks and a lesson on the ins and outs of the staff's favorite V Spot products. Ying's guesstimate on this is 500rmb, but official pricing TBD. The space is versatile and can accommodate parties big and small, if interested just give 'em a call.


Get In on the Action...

V Spot has been in soft open since August 1, but their official opening party is this Saturday, September 2. There will be drinks, pole-dance performances, and rumor has it a half naked man will be there participating in games(?!). Annnnnd you can check out that fancy dildo first hand, you know you want to. Free entry, starts at 7pm, first 100 beers are free.