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SmSh x SCAA: Adopt These Animals!

A malamute, SmSh's newest video (!) and kittens kittens kittens!
2020-05-21 11:38:07
Photos: Brandon McGhee
SmartShanghai loves animals. We have a whole section on our site for people to adopt animals (no sales, ever). Second Chance Animal Aid loves animals. They have been rescuing, fostering and helping animals in Shanghai get adopted since 2005. Their former fosters now live on every continent except Antarctica. They rely solely on donations.

So we're back at it in May, doing our best to help a few animals out. This month, SmartShanghai photographer Brandon McGhee and freelance videographer Graeme Kennedy went down to the vet's office to shoot a few animals currently being looked after by foster parents.

Watch the video below!

Like all foster animals, to be ready for adoption, the dogs and cats receive vet care basics, including parasite control, vaccinations, and spay-neuter, as well as treatment for any injuries or illness at SCAA's vet partner Shanghai PAW.

For adoption procedures, please visit this SCAA page and get in touch with them about foster animals looking for a forever family.


Lettie cleverly rescued herself, crying loudly and hopping out of the bushes and climbing onto an animal lover on a cold sidewalk. Tiny with a big personality, Lettie made herself instantly at home. She's playful, curious, confident and cat-friendly. Lettie is well suited as a second cat, family pet or single cat in a home prepared to entertain her. Lettie is fully vaccinated and will be spayed before adoption.

See Lettie's listing on SmartShanghai here.


Oreo is a sweet but anxious boy. He and his brother Reese were found on the side of the road last summer when only three months old. The brothers grew into happy, energetic, and sometimes competitive mates. Oreo's brother was adopted last year, causing Oreo some anxiety. He's bonded with his foster mom's dog and enjoys meeting new people of all ages and other, small dogs. His new favorite hobby is swimming.

Eager to please, Oreo is smart and well-trained in his foster home, but is easily stressed in a new environment. He's in excellent health and up to date on vet care. Help Oreo find the patient and attentive home he deserves.

See Oreo's listing on SmartShanghai here.


Trixie is one of three siblings born in a foster home last spring. Her friendly mom suffered a horrible tail injury and had her litter soon after rescue. Trixie is a people cat. She adjusts fine to a multi-pet home if she has to, but prefers human companionship to cuddling with other cats. Trixie follows her foster mom around the house and demands the attention she deserves. Up to date on vet care, Trixie is ready for a quiet home that's all about her.

See Trixie's listing on SmartShanghai here.

Bu Bu, Malamute

This gentle giant has energy to spare and is looking for an active companion. Found over Chinese New Year wandering in the street all alone, his rescuers were unable to locate an owner. He's 32 kilos of eager dog; as strong-willed as he is strong. Bu Bu's training is going well; he'll gladly show off his skills for treats.

Bu Bu is happy and healthy (fully vaccinated and neutered). He's looking for experienced dog owners with the time and space to meet his needs.

See Bu Bu's listing on SmartShanghai here.


Dalia and her sisters Kira and Zara were rescued from behind the fence of a closed park after Chinese New Year. The obvious leader, Dalia was the first to be rescued. Her cries could be heard down the street. She made a dash through the fence onto the sidewalk as soon as she spotted her rescuer. It wasn't until passing by again later that day that the other sisters were heard and found.

Dalia loves her sisters and her adult foster cat mates. They often sleep in a big tangle of cats. Dalia's the explorer and purrs loudly when given attention. Adoption as a pair with a sister or to a home with a friendly adult cat. No dogs.

See Dalia's listing on SmartShanghai here.


Kira is the follower of her litter. She hangs back and watches Dalia make first move before doing something new and joins Zara in long naps with a big cat. Kira is very sweet and gentle. She has a dependent personality and should be adopted with a sister or to a home with a nurturing cat to really shine. Definitely no dogs.

Kira and her sisters are fully vaccinated but too young for spay. If adopted now, SCAA will share half the surgery cost at their vet partner PAW with adopters.

See Kira's listing on SmartShanghai here.


Zara is the survivor of her litter. The least likely to make it given her fragile condition on rescue, she's now the biggest sister. She's a determined cat and confidently explores the house, watching the birds out the window and teasing the dog she's actually afraid of. Zara is the biggest flirt with male adult cats, who often sleep spooning her.

An ideal second cat for a friendly male especially, Zara is fully vaccinated. If adopted now, SCAA will share half the spay surgery costs at their vet partner PAW with adopters.

See Zara's listing on SmartShanghai here.


To see more pets and animals looking for a kind soul, visit our Pets & Animals section here. To make a donation to SCAA, visit their website here. Thanks to PAW Veterinary Clinic for providing the venue for the photography.