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Brownstone Brings Spanish Ham to SH, Calling All Spanish Communities!

Speech Delivered by the Consul for Economic and Commercial Affairs of Spain in Shanghai
2024-05-17 14:00:00

In Partnership with Brownstone

On May 15, 2024, at the Brownstone Spanish Restaurant in the Fucheng area, the much-anticipated Spanish ham-tasting event took place as scheduled. The atmosphere was vibrant and reminiscent of early summer.

The event saw the presence of distinguished guests including the Consul for Economic and Commercial Affairs of Spain in Shanghai, members of the media, bloggers, brand affiliates, and loyal patrons, all gathered together to witness the allure of Spanish ham at Brownstone.

In the hearts of Spaniards, when it comes to selecting the most popular and exquisite Spanish delicacy, nothing surpasses the Iberian ham. Renowned for its natural flavors and superior quality, its pink marble-like texture, succulent tenderness, and lingering aroma leave an indelible mark on the palate.

During the tasting event, the Consul for Economic and Commercial Affairs of Spain in Shanghai delivered an engaging speech, shedding light on Spain's culinary customs and the significance of ham in the local culture. His informative yet humorous discourse captivated the audience and deepened their understanding of Spanish ham.

Brownstone proudly unveiled the upgraded selection of Iberian Spanish ham, sourced from the renowned Spanish brand ALJOMAR. Specially curated from natural ranches and featuring Ibérico black pigs, these hams are allowed to roam freely in the Spanish forests and grasslands, feeding on natural acorns, resulting in a richly nutritious flavor profile with hints of sweet nuts lingering on the palate. Additionally, Brownstone's ham presentation and the weekly in-store carving showcase will also undergo significant enhancements.

David, the head chef of the Bronzestone brand, and Jerry, the executive chef of the Fucheng location presented the live ham carving show. Both are ASICI-certified professional ham carvers.

In addition to the freshly sliced black-label ham, the tasting event will feature several ham tapas specially created by Victor, the head chef of the Bronzestone brand from Spain. Guests can also enjoy Bronzestone's signature Basque dishes and sangria.

As the flamenco dancers gracefully performed, the Spanish ham tasting event came to a perfect conclusion.

With the arrival of early summer, pairing Spanish ham with melon and sangria is one of the quintessential Spanish summer experiences.

Brownstone is honored to have shared the charm of Spanish ham with everyone present and looks forward to fostering more cultural exchanges through Spanish cuisine in the future.

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