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AI is Putting Shanghai Schools on the Map with Big Awards

Shanghai keeps upping its game, and the education sector is doing the city proud.
2024-03-16 12:00:00

In Partnership with Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Landing in Shanghai can be a real eye-opener for newcomers, with tech pretty much baked into the city's DNA. Every day, it feels like we're moving an inch closer to living in a sci-fi novel. Shanghai's even had its moment of fame in that recent Hollywood flick about AI (Her). Meanwhile, OpenAI's Sora is out here promising to churn out blockbuster movies with a few clicks, and Neuralink is teasing a future where we might just control gadgets with our thoughts. It's like we're smack dab in the middle of a tech revolution, with AI playing the lead role in shaping what's next.

But beneath all that buzz, there's a bit of a worry fest brewing among parents (yeah, even you tech-savvy millennials). Is the education our kids are getting today going to cut it in a world that's changing faster than your Weibo feed? Are those hefty textbooks going to be worth anything in a world where knowledge updates overnight? And let's not even start on the whole can of worms about AI ethics and safety.

Clearly, there's a massive need for an education system that's not just about memorizing facts but about teaching kids how to think on their feet, be creative, and tackle problems head-on.

Enter Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

In the midst of Shanghai's ever-evolving tech scene, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi is making waves, setting a new standard for what it means to combine "hardcore academic hustle with cutting-edge teaching methods," all while flying the flag for top-tier British education vibes.

Opened in 2016, this spot boasts an insanely spacious 40,000 square meter green oasis in the heart of one of the globe's most buzzing metropolises. It's not just about the lush campus though; Dulwich Puxi is a place where academic brilliance and all-rounded growth collide, crafting a spot where kids don't just learn – they flourish.

2023 was a banner year for the school, with its first batch of grads killing it in the IB Diploma Programme, snagging the 2nd spot in China's IB School rankings. With an average score of 37.7, these scores are leading not only China but the world in IB Programme Results. Let that sink in, Shanghai students are setting the pace worldwide. Pair that with the backdrop of Shanghai – a city that's a blend of future-forward tech and pulsating energy, in a country on track to become the world's economic heavyweight. Now, that's a combo that makes for an unbeatable college app.

A Commitment to Innovation

One thing we like about Dulwich, Dulwich Puxi, is their unwavering commitment to innovation while maintaining the core values of education. They have been a trailblazer in the use of AI in education since well before the genAI explosion in the past eighteen months. Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi's proactive approach to technology adoption is evident in their early adoption of pioneering AI tools, like aleX Qbot chatbot and Century Tech, making them one of the first to use these tools in K-12 education and the first to use the latter in China.

They are also leading the way with the introduction of emerging tech courses like the IGCSE subject Artificial Intelligence and Innovation (AIAI) for years 10-11 and Design Engineer Construction (DEC) for Grade 8 students. Recognizing that forward-thinking subject matter is a vital competency for schools in the digital age. That's all a parent can ask for, a school that's equipping kids to be successful in the here, the now, and the foreseeable future.

The Planet Hack hackathon is one great example of this, organized in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU), the event challenges students to solve a significant environmental issue; this year it was the food supply chain. Their students engaged in research, ideation, prototyping, and video creation, utilizing resources, expert support, and advanced tools to showcase their innovative solutions.

A Focus on Practical Application And Problem-Solving

At Dulwich Puxi, innovation isn't just some flashy buzzword thrown around for clout; it's the real deal, woven right into the fabric of their curriculum with some seriously cool projects to show for it. Take the "FarmBot" for instance – a legit agricultural robot whipped up by the students themselves, or the SE21 Festival for Primary School, which is all about getting hands-on and solving real problems, not just theory.

And guess what? Their knack for pushing the envelope hasn't gone unnoticed. They've landed a nomination for the 2024 Tes Awards for Best Use of Technology, which is pretty much a big deal. It's a solid nod to how Dulwich Puxi is not just talking the talk but walking the walk, equipping their students with the savvy to hack it in a world that's changing faster than your WeChat moments.

A Commitment to Excellence Beyond the Classroom

At Dulwich Puxi, it's not just about hitting the books; it's an all-out adventure into everything from sports blitzes to music jams to giving back with community service. They've got the full deck - the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, The Ignite: Switzerland program - offering up the kind of real-world thrills and spills that sculpt bona fide well-rounded champs.

This place isn't just about teaching; it's about revolutionizing the game, all while staying true to their mission to arm students for the frontline of a shape-shifting world. With alumni making waves across top-tier universities and cutting-edge fields, Dulwich Puxi is living proof that when it comes to schooling, they're not just playing the long game – they're changing it.

Inside Dulwich Puxi, the next chapter of learning is being written with every step, every discovery, one student at a time.

And if you're itching to get the inside scoop on how they're flipping the script on innovation, the only real play is to check it out firsthand. Keen for a peek behind the curtain? Hit up the admissions squad for a tour. They're more than ready to show you what's up.

By the way, The Future of Education Conference is setting sail once again, with Dulwich Puxi, Dulwich Pudong and Dehong Shanghai. If you are an educator or parent interested in learning about Dulwich's magic recipe for academic success, this is a good event to put on your calendars.