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Introducing Mindfront, a New Mental Health Center in Jing’an

Individual, couples, and group therapy now available...
2022-10-24 10:00:00

Content provided by SmartShanghai sponsor Mindfront Shanghai

Mindfront Shanghai Jing'an Clinic is a high-end mental health service center that provides comprehensive professional services to people struggling with all kinds of psychiatric disorders and mental distress.

Mindfront focuses on highly prevalent urban mental health disorders, providing multidimensional professional support in various disorders / issues such as sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, OCD, ADHD in children and adolescents, women's mental health, behavioral / substance addiction, parenting and family relationships, social relationships, and more.

Their professional team consists of doctors with extensive clinical experience and counselors who have trained abroad. Professional services are delivered through a multidisciplinary team model and a case manager provides support throughout treatment and ensures timely responses to client needs.

As a strategic partner of the Shanghai Mental Health Center (SMHC), Mindfront Shanghai Clinic has established long-term collaborations with several experts from the SMHC, including regular experts visits and mutual referrals to meet any needs of their clients for healthcare services.

Individual Counseling

The team at Mindfront Clinic provides evidenced-based counseling services to address specific mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders and interpersonal relationship problems, and more, helping clients return to normal lives or improve themselves. The standard individual counseling session is 50 minutes.

Family Therapy

A counselor talks to the entire or part of the family to help reduce unhealthy relational pattern among family members. Specific skills that might be improved include communication, conflict resolution, mutual understanding, relationship enhancement. Family therapy sessions are set at 90 minutes each.

Couples Counseling

Designed to improve intimate relationship and reduce conflicts, couple counseling can often help couples better understand themselves, recognize emotions, explore the past, solve problems, and enhance intimacy. Normally, 8-12 sessions can significantly improve relationship satisfaction and reduce negative emotions. Couple counseling sessions are normally set at 60-90 minutes each.

Dr. Cao Jing, Sr. Physician / Psychiatrist

Group Counseling

Group counseling involves members who share similar struggles receiving treatment at the same time. Facilitated by therapists, by sharing and providing feedback in an understanding, open, and encouraging environment, group members express their emotions, experiences, and feelings in a true, natural, and spontaneous manner. Through communicating with peers, group members can gain mutual support, learn coping skills, improve interpersonal relationships, and lower the feeling of loneliness. Group counseling normally takes 8-12 weeks, 1-2 hours per session.

Group Psychoeducation

Compared with group counseling, group psychoeducation focuses more on sharing with clients mental health knowledge and helping them develop healthy coping mechanisms with mental health issues. This program is also facilitated by counselors, who lead the topic, while guiding clients in setting their individual goals. Mindfront's group psychoeducation programs include the topics such as sleep hygiene, positive parenting program, caregiver support, emotion / anger management, parenting, anxiety management, and performance psychology. One standard session is set at 1-1.5 hours.

Art Therapy

Art therapy involves the use of art tools and activities that allow clients to fully express and vent their inner emotions and feelings and deal with their negative emotions in a safe and supportive environment. Art therapy is especially helpful for creative clients who are not good at verbal expression. In addition, as art therapy engages various senses, not limited to thinking and verbal expression, it enhances clients' well-being, increasing their self-awareness and understanding, and helping clients discover new perspectives and solutions to their issues.

Exercise and Relaxation Therapy

Exercise and relaxation therapy is using various methods such as body movements, mindfulness, and meditations to guide clients in breathing and relaxing, which help improve their self-awareness, emotions and cognitive management.

Treatment: Medication

Medication is still the major form of treatment for psychiatric disorders. Given the complexity of disorders and individual differences in the effectiveness of medication and side effects, Mindfront has introduced genetic testing technology to optimize medication selection, reduce adverse reactions in treatment, and improve medication's adaptability and clinical recovery rate.

Physical Treatment

In addition to medication and mental health counseling services, Mindfront brings in physical treatments such as rTMS and biofeedback therapy. The combination of physical treatment with medication could help to reduce the dosage of medication and effectively alleviate clinical symptoms.

EAP Services

Mindfront provides professional mental health services for enterprises, customize online psychological evaluations based on the industry / employee attributes, provide psychoeducational workshops, online counseling, on-site counseling, group activities and courses, crisis intervention, and other mental health services based on the corporate's requests. They strive to resolve employees' mental health issues, help management team reduce workplace stress and improve management efficiency, thus enhancing the connection and sense of belonging between employees and corporates.

School-Based Services

Mindfront provides professional mental health services to school faculty, primary and secondary school students, and parents, such as student mental health and developmental status screening, psychoeducational workshops, training and supervision for school counselors, aiming to enhance school faculty's abilities in identifying students' problematic cognitive and behavioral patterns.

Why group therapy?

Group therapy is as effective as individual psychotherapy while bearing less cost in time and expense. In Mindfront clinics in Australia, more than 7,200 clients are admitted into group counseling each year. After years of clinical practice and improvement, group counseling programs targeting diverse clients have evolved into mature and effective therapeutic products.

In western countries where mental health counseling is more developed, group therapy has been widely adopted as a mainstream evidenced-based treatment approach. Dr. Irvin D. Yalom, a renowned psychotherapist and emeritus professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University, has conducted numerous clinical researches and concluded many therapeutic factors that bring positive changes in group therapy

Given its effectiveness and universality, Mindfront introduces group counseling products from Australia to China. Through one year of effort, they have managed to adapt and redefine the program for a Chinese audience.

Strategic Partnership with the Shanghai Mental Health Center

Mindfront has signed a partnership agreement with Shanghai Mental Health Center (SMHC), in terms of multi-site practice of SMHC's experts, fast referral pathway, and joint development of mental health intervention products. They are also collaborating with Chinese Society of Psychiatry (CSP) in developing mental health specialized training programs, coordinated by China-Australia academic visitings.

Mental illness is just a diagnosis, it is not a definition of anyone's life. Mindfront hopes that clients who engage in their services will feel respected and understood, obtain effective professional support, and regain meaning in life!


Mindfront Shanghai Jing'an Clinic is at F/18, No.68 Yuyuan Lu.
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