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Mindful Living Program: A Zen Challenge

Eight habits to wellbeing and joyful life.
Jan 22, 2021 | 16:00 Fri

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Program Overview

Mindful Living Program - A Zen Challenge is part of Mindful Living Series by OCTAVE Institute. In this Zen Challenge, you will take on the challenges of modern oriental meditation practices: walking meditation, kneeling meditation, hands-lifting meditation, various breathing techniques, and sound therapy; along with a mindful vegetarian diet. There are also a variety of mindfulness courses, talks, and lectures to enhance the state of wisdom in addition to the meditation practices.

Through practicing the eight habits of exploration and mindfulness, which are eating, breathing, sleeping, movement, meditation, emotions, joy, and relationship; you will be able to explore the inner self and release the infinite potential. You should not miss this meaningful challenge of life

Highlights of the Program

01 - Breaking Boundaries: Discovering Your True Self

How to face the unknown 2021 with a more stable and stronger heart?

In OCTAVE Institute, with the integration of Eastern wisdom and Western quantum science, you will find a way to continuously increase the dimension of the path, discover the true self, while at the same time you will harvest a happy, healthy and free life.

02 - Group Practice: Accompany and Peer

This challenging journey will be carried out in groups. A study group involving a 100km of walks together with hours of meditation challenges.

Group mate will practice, explore and immerse together... In the company of partners and peers, we will open our hearts and find the warm connection between people.

03: Energy Exploration: Awakening Inner Awareness

It has been scientifically proven that the training of breathing and meditation will help relieve anxiety and stimulate the potential of the brain. Put down your phone, stay away from the Internet, and enter a class on breathing, meditation, and sound therapy. Listen to the sounds and signals of your body as your senses return from the outside to the inside.

04 - Mindful Diet: Eating while Considering the Future of the Planet

From sub-health to mindful eating, from a belief of "no meat equals no pleasure" to vegetarianism, you will discover a whole new diet and lifestyle in this journey.

Designed by a Michelin two-star chef, the mindful menu will break your imagination of the traditional vegetarian diet and enter the world of delicious food of the future.

05 - A Zen Challenge Journey with FUN

This journey will not be an ascetic adventure but a time for inner reflection. You will pick up the art brush and explore the deep inner self in color. You will go into the kitchen and experience a mindful way of cooking. You will attend the EQ class, which will help you open the door of the wisdom of interpersonal communication.

You will test the mysterious Timewaver, which allows you to better understand the hidden physical and mental signals and will further lead you to meet an unknown self It will be an interesting
fun exploration of mindfulness.

06 - SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute

Situated on the quiet Yangcheng Lake Peninsula, you can start your journey of mindful living and meditation in the 189,000 square meters secret environment, SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute. You will stay in a comfortable and peaceful place, where every sleep will refresh your physical and mental vitality. You will practice in the warm space of the Town Hall, where you will feel the flow of light and shadow between time and space. You will start a mindful exploration course in a multifunctional interactive space that inspires and connects resonance. Finally, you will experience the AT ONE Spa with a full range of care and nourishment.

Retreat from the hustle of the city, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, and discover your true self.

Are you ready for a modern urban Zen Challenge at SANGHA Retreat? Sign-up right here.


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