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Parkway's Pediatric Health Management Center Sets Sail

The Pediatric Health Management Center at Parkway Shanghai Hospital, a beacon of pediatric healthcare, has officially begun operations in Shanghai. Situated on the second floor of the only Sino-foreig...
Last updated: 2023-12-28

Content provided by Parkway Health

The Pediatric Health Management Center at Parkway Shanghai Hospital, a beacon of pediatric healthcare, has officially begun operations in Shanghai. Situated on the second floor of the only Sino-foreign joint venture comprehensive hospital in the New Hong Qiao International Medical Center, this institute covers 1,090 square meters. It is uniquely equipped with 6 consultation rooms and 2 treatment rooms, distinguishing itself as a standout facility for child health management in the region.

"Nurturing Dreams in Young Hearts": A Unique, Child-Centric Environment

Embracing the spirit of "Nurturing Dreams in Young Hearts", the center has been meticulously designed to create a haven for young minds. Decorated with a touch of whimsy and adorned with children's artwork, it offers a welcoming, stress-free environment for young patients and their families. This thoughtfully crafted space not only reduces anxiety of children and their caretakers but also respects the privacy and safety of its visitors, thanks to its dedicated consultation and waiting areas that prevent cross-infection. Equipped with cutting-edge medical technology, the center promises a professional and caring healthcare experience for every child.

Expert Medical Team Offering Comprehensive Pediatric Care

The Pediatric Health Management Center boasts a skilled team of pediatricians, specialized nurses, and dedicated personnel, all under the leadership of experienced Deputy Chief Physician Li Xia. This highly qualified and well-educated bilingual team is committed to serving the diverse needs of families in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region. They offer a full range of pediatric services, from diagnosing and treating childhood diseases to wellness checks and vaccinations, ensuring detailed attention to the healthy growth of children.

Committed to "Patient-Centric" With Personalized Treatment Plans

True to Parkway's ethos of "Patient-Centric", the center focuses on individualized diagnostic and treatment plans for children and their families. Guided by the principles of IHH Healthcare headquartered in Singapore, the center is dedicated to providing exemplary international health management plans. Services are rendered with a keen understanding of each child's physical and mental health, fostering thorough communication between doctors and patients, which will be archived for documentation. The comprehensive approach by our pediatricians, nurses and dedicated personnel extends beyond illness treatment to include preventive care and family health education, ensuring a holistic focus on child's development to meet each family's expectation for a brighter future.

Seamless Integration of Multidisciplinary Medical Expertise With "Immediate Access" to Specialist Resources

More than just healthcare providers, the team at the Pediatric Health Management Center stands as a trusted ally to families. Drawing on Parkway's two-decade legacy in Shanghai, the center taps into a vast pool of medical specialists across various fields, including dental, ophthalmology, and ENT, along with multiple international disease centers at Parkway Shanghai Hospital. This collaboration between the center and our specialists and professional teams ensures "swift", high-quality, and specialized treatment, thus supporting the complete recovery and well-being of each child.

Deep Commitment to Public Health Education and Social Welfare

The Pediatric Health Management Center at Parkway Shanghai Hospital is at the forefront of fostering community connections in health education. It has cultivated strong partnerships with schools, communities, and a variety of social welfare groups, dedicating itself to empowering children with essential health knowledge. Anchored in the field of pediatric physical and mental health management, the center is rich in clinical and educational expertise. It extends a wide array of educational services to children's educational networks, including families, schools, and community organizations. These offerings, available both online and offline, range from informative lectures along with educational photos and videos to engaging activities like the "Little Doctor" program and summer internships at the hospital. Aimed at building trust with children and enhancing their awareness of life and safety, these efforts will pave the way for a healthier and well-informed future generation.

Parkway Shanghai Hospital Pediatric Health Management Center: Where Childhood Dreams and Quality Care Meet

At the heart of Parkway Shanghai Hospital's Pediatric Health Management Center is a commitment to the health and happiness of every family it serves. By combining quality pediatric services with advanced health management, the center plays a pivotal role in nurturing the dreams and ensuring the worry-free growth of every child under its care.

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