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Ringside Boxing Opens Up New Muay Thai Gym in Shanghai

Got a boxing itch that needs to be scratched? Why not Muay Thai?
2021-01-25 12:00:00
Photos: Angela Leung
Yesterday, January 24, Ringside Boxing & Beyond opened up their brand new gym: Tiger Muay Thai x Ringside Boxing & Beyond Gym.

Located on the 7th floor of the Super Brand Mall in Lujiazui, the gym is a collaboration between Thai-famous gym franchise Tiger Muay Thai and Ringside. The project has been brewing for several months now, and after a few delays, the much-anticipated gym has finally opened up.

The gym totals 1,000 square meters, and has been equipped with a cage to help members train in MMA. There are some 'must-haves' like a CrossFit area, a weight room, yoga room, BMI test room and big ol' changing rooms (duh). Keep in mind that although there was a debut, the gym still isn't complete – some things haven't finished being installed.

The star of the show is, of course, the Muay Thai area. It takes up about 250 square meters of the gym (right in the center of it all), and is fully packed with special protection mats that achieve the Muay Thai Phuket standards. There are more than 15 sandbags to kick and toss around with and a fight ring.

The cherry on top of the massive project is the arrival of certified Tiger Muay Thai trainers. Expecting a touchdown in late-February, head coach Mr Kru Moo and regular coaches Sutee and Krudol are dudes who have trained some of the biggest badasses in Thailand. This kind of thing sounds like it's for the folks who want to take their fighting up another level.

If all of this sounds like your kind of jam, well know that the annual membership is 8,999rmb and includes the use of the entire facility, Muay Thai classes and a daily meal. Pricing sounds too steep? Then also know that there are available discounted prices throughout the next two months: 6,888rmb (Jan 20-Feb 12), 7,888rmb (Feb 12-Feb 28) and 8,399rmb (Mar 1-Mar 31). There are even deals for only the Muay Thai classes or just the gym with limited classes.