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Shanghai United Family Celebrates Four Years in Pudong

Shanghai United celebrates four years of community commitment with a blood drive event
2022-06-29 09:00:00

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The Pudong branch of United Family Healthcare in Shanghai, one of the first foreign medical institutions in the city, is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year, celebrating and giving back to the community with a blood donation event on June 30.

Four Years of Growth and Change

Michael Zhang, General Manager of United Family Healthcare - Shanghai Market, has witnessed the growth of the hospital since the very beginning.

"In the past 4 years, the number of babies delivered at the hospital has reached to more than 1,000 with sub-specialty of main departments such as obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics continuing to develop. ... Furthermore, we aim to grow and empower our Mental Health, Dermatology and Cosmetology, Family Medicine and Internal Medicine departments into our 'Star' ones. At the same time, we are also focusing on ensuring that new departments such as Orthopedics and Ear, Nose and Throat rapidly develop."

Shanghai United on the Front Lines of Covid Care and Prevention

During the months of lockdown period, Shanghai United Family Hospitals stood firm on the front lines, combining multiple disciplines, online and offline channels, and teamwork to fight the 'epidemic' and to ensure the normal operation of medical services.

Since March, due to the increasing demand for consultations and changing epidemic policies, and in order to provide medical services in a timely and efficient manner, a dedicated team of the medical professionals chose to separate from their families and stay on the front line even during those times of great stress.

When outpatient and emergency services in some hospitals were suspended throughout the city, the lockdown time in communities were extended, and some patients with chronic diseases in communities could not receive their normal courses of care. Free online consultations via United Family Internet Hospital played a significant role in keeping up with the needed care of the community. It is reported that United Family Hospitals in Pudong and Puxi had received more than 4,000 online consultations from early March to May 30, 2022.

As patient prescription demand increased due to lack of access to care, United Family Hospitals launched an Online Prescription & Medication Delivery service. This one-stop solution during the outbreak assisted in coordinating care, medication delivery, and emergency and green channel access to the hospitals.

"It has been a difficult few months, but the team's ability to handle special issues and emergency cases, will lay a solid foundation for the next work of caring our patients"

The United Family Hospitals also formed a team including doctors, nurses, security staff to deliver medications to patients in urgent need, speeding through the streets of Shanghai.

Shanghai United Family Hospitals in Pudong and Puxi had delivered more than 800 medications to patients who used this critical line of service to meet their needs during the epidemic.

Educating the Public About Covid in English and Chinese

In addition, in order to provide evidence-based knowledge for thousands of families staying at home during the epidemic, Shanghai United Family Hospitals organized several online live broadcasts in both English and Chinese.

These online broadcasts covered key topics of health and wellness, such as child vaccinations, eye health and mental health guidance in the comfort of their own home as a distraction to the epidemic.

"It has been a difficult few months, but the team's ability to handle special issues and emergency cases, will lay a solid foundation for the next work of caring our patients," said Zhang.

Shanghai United Pudong Celebrates Four Year with Blood Drive Event

The hospital is launching a blood donation event on this Thursday, June 30 2022 to celebrate its fourth anniversary. Meanwhile, their Puxi hospital will also arrange a concurrent blood drive activity on Friday, July 22. An initiative launched in 2008, over the years, the staff of Shanghai United Family Hospitals and domestic and foreign volunteers have been enthusiastic about social welfare, actively devoted themselves to donating blood, paying something positive back to the Shanghai community.

"We work together as part of the community, and we believe that service will make us different from the rest of hospitals and we want to care our patients from our heart," Zhang revealed.

"We make them feel at home."

Over the past four years, the development of the Pudong branch of UFH has not only satisfied the healthcare demand of residents and employees in the Pudong New Area, especially the Jinqiao area of the free trade zone, but also fueled UFH's expansion in both Puxi and Pudong and its efforts to reach out to communities with United Family Satellite Clinics, providing personalized, international-standard, life cycle and high quality medical treatment services to local and expatriates families in metropolitan city Shanghai.